An 'underappreciated gene' leads to a ground-breaking discovery by PhD student in the College of Pharmacy. 

COP team presents posters at a conference, including a gold-award-winning poster. 

Read about the latest publications, achievements and more from the College's faculty members!

Christopher Hulme and his team developed compounds, licensed by the startup Ilumnios, which has the potential to treat Alzheimer's Disease.  

The Class of 2019 receives their White Coats this Friday and prepares for their fourth and final year. 

Alumni Update: Dr. Kelley graduated from the College of Pharmacy in 2005. She is featured as a part of a special series examining the growing number of women in pharmacy leadership.

Hanna Phan and UA colleagues are helping to improve asthma care to the Navajo Nation. 

“We have made great strides for our patients and in the profession and we have so much more to come. We are pediatric pharmacy. We are health care advocates of children. "

The case competition is an opportunity for students to gain clinical and operational knowledge that may not otherwise be received through their formal education. The 2018 case focuses on the opioid epidemic, with real-world challenges relating to patient safety in the health care system and how it might be improved. The case is analyzed by team members who present a root-cause analysis, and mentors provide guidance and technical support.

Students learn not only about medications and diseases, but they also get a history lesson while listening to the Elders’ stories about their lives and living through wars and different decades. Both the students and the Elders open up and develop meaningful relationships and, most importantly, they learn from each other.

The AAPCC has received reports from numerous Poison Control Centers of individuals and healthcare providers receiving unsolicited calls from a caller ID badge identified as the National Poison Help Hotline.

The focus of the additions will be to create new chemistry labs for drug discovery and research.

I love coming back to Tucson for games and the new food scene. I have also continued financial support for the Wildcat Forever scholarship after receiving it myself years ago. Additionally, I'm working on multicenter trials with UA COP professors and colleagues with the Banner merge.

The pharmacy profession is one of the most versatile I have come across, which is why it appealed to me during my time as an undergraduate.

I am passionate that pharmacists can have a huge impact on many aspects of a patient's care from their financial concerns to their overall well-being.

Classes will begin to be offered in Fall semester 2018 to current UA and transfer students.

My personal mission is to improve the quality and safety of pharmacy practice so teaching and doing research at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy fit my goals.