Countdown to Convocation 2023: Highlighting Student Achievement

May 8, 2023
Photo of a student giving a speech at the podium at Centennial Hall

In the lead up to Convocation 2023, the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the awards given to individual students of the Class of 2023. These awards highlight student achievement in clinical and classroom settings. 

Eli Schlossberg Award for Excellence in Pharmacotherapeutics - Mariam Backayah

Recognizes academic achievement in the areas of pharmacology and clinical pharmacy practice. Chosen by the faculty for the Pharmacotherapeutics and capstone courses. Sponsored by the founder of the Arizona Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Eli Schlossberg.

Laura Lee
Excellence in Acute Patient Care Award - Laura Lee

Recognizes exhibited excellence in acute patient care and awardees are preceptor nominated. Sponsored by the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy.

​​​​​Excellence in Ambulatory Patient Care - Lucian Reiher

Recognizes exhibited excellence in ambulatory patient care and awardees are preceptor nominated. Sponsored by the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy. 

Oncology Clinical Rotation Award of Excellence - Brenda Francis

Recognizes a graduating student who has completed clinical rotations in oncology and has been evaluated by preceptors as exceeding expectations.  Sponsored by R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy alumna Dr. Ali McBride. 

Carson McKelvey
Facts & Comparisons/Lexicomp Clinical Communication Award of Excellence - Carson McKelvey

Recognizes a demonstration of superior verbal and written clinical communications skills. Sponsored by Facts & Comparisons and Lexicomp and is preceptor nominated.

Viatris Achievement of Excellence in Drug Information - Niloufar Salehpour

Recognizes a demonstration of superior proficiency in the provision of drug information services. Sponsored by Viatris Pharmaceuticals and is preceptor nominated.