Pharmacogenetics expert, Jason Karnes, PharmD, PhD, BCPS, FAHA, has been named director. Congratulations Dr. Karnes!

The College of Pharmacy thanks Luann for her years of hard work and commitment, and wishes her a very happy retirement!

HOPE Center doctoral students and faculty collaborate in this new cost-effectiveness study.

Insight from Dr. Khalid Eljaaly, a post-doctoral fellow alumni.

Alexandria Lau, PhD ’12, has worked for SC Johnson, the Hershey Company, and now, a winery.

The initiative includes evolving PharmD course curriculum and providing specialized training in key areas where additional expertise is needed.

Dr. Hurley received the recognition on behalf of the Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Read about the latest publications, achievements and more from the College's faculty members!

After 26 years, Marty Baker is retiring from the College of Pharmacy.

Named in honor of Dr. Glenn Sipes, the award will enable its graduate students to advance their research by participating in scientific meetings.

Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes graduate student, Srujitha Marupuru, PharmD presented her research at the 2018 ACCP Global Conference.

Congratulations to the new PediaCATS 2018-2019 Executive Board!

Read about the latest publications, achievements and more from the College's faculty members!

Though there are currently only 12 biosimilars approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are many more in the pipeline, and the oncology world is bracing itself for their impact. How will they be incorporated into practice? What will it mean for the health care ecosystem?

The Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science is seeking a translational scientist to lead a vigorous, highly collaborative research program focused in pharmacogenomics.

Keith Boesen, PharmD ’02, has accepted a position at Rare Disease Therapeutics Specializing in scorpion and rattlesnake antivenom.

Dr. Hurwitz led the group through developing and analyzing a decision model.

UA students were introduced to the principles and applications of health outcomes research, and discussed related career tracks in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and managed care.

The College of Pharmacy is recognizing women leaders in pharmacy this week - UA students and alumni - to learn about the impact they have contributed to the profession.