White Coat Ceremony 2024

April 25, 2024
White Coat Class of 2025


The University of Arizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Class of 2025 celebrated their transition from academic coursework to advanced clinical training during the annual White Coat Ceremony at Centennial Hall on Friday, April 19.

During the ceremony, 107 students received their white coats from faculty members. These students have completed their third year of academic coursework and will begin clinical rotations for their final year. Members of the class of 2024, who graduate in May, led the group in reciting the Oath of Professionalism.

Brianne Spaeth, PharmD, a 2008 alumna of the Coit College of Pharmacy, owner of Desert Life Pharmacy and National Advisory Board Member, was the keynote speaker. She spoke of the value and importance of building a strong community-focused patient care environment and ensuring patients are at the heart of healthcare. "As the owner of a community pharmacy, I’ve seen first-hand the value and impact you can have on your patients when you prioritize patient care. Not a good pharmacist, but a great pharmacist, takes the time to truly know your patients, understand their situation and help them live longer, healthier lives."

"Remember that living a day in someone else’s shoes will help you have a greater understanding of how the medical community works together as a whole," Dr. Spaeth said. "I am consistently encouraged for the future of pharmacy as I have interacted with many of you either during rotations, vaccine clinics or community events. I want to encourage you to strive to make the future of pharmacy better for everyone."

Dean Rick Schnellmann, PhD, shared the importance of empathy, compassion and inclusivity. “I will leave you with a tenet I believe in – look beyond the moment of adversity and recognize the opportunity for growth. Stay curious, stay resilient and wear your white coat with pride!”