Pharmacy Practice & Science Department Highlights: May 2024

June 1, 2024
A pharmacist speaking with a patient during a health fair.



Bonnie LaFleur
Asghari, M., Elali, K., Sullivan, A., LaFleur, B., Madigan, M.L. and Toosizadeh, N., 2024. Assessing the role of ankle and hip joint proprioceptive information in balance recovery using vibratory stimulation. Heliyon.

Schepps, Samuel, Xu, Jonathan, Yang, Henry, Mandel, Jenna, Mehta, Jaanvi, Tolotta, Julianna, Baker, Nicole, Tekmen, Volkan, Nikbakht, Neda, Fortina, Paolo, Fuentes, Ignacia, LaFleur, Bonnie, Cho, Raymond J. and South, Andrew P.. "Skin in the game: a review of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics in dermatological research" Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), 2024.


Ivo Abraham
Lewandrowski K-U, Fiorelli RKA, Pereira MG, Abraham I, Pachicano HHA, Elfar JC, Alhammoud A, Landgraeber S, Oertel JM, Hellinger S, Dowling Á, De Carvalho PST, Ramos MRF, Delfino H, Bergamaschi JP, Montemurro N, Yeung C, Brito M, Beall DP, Ivanic G, Xifeng Z, Li Z-Z, Kim J-SL, Ramirez JF, Lorio MP. Polytomous Rasch analyses of surgeons' decision-making on choice of procedure in endoscopic lumbar spinal stenosis decompression surgeries. International Journal of Spine Surgery 2024;18:164-177