Pharmacy Practice and Science Department Highlights: March 2022

March 1, 2022
A pharmacist speaking with a patient during a health fair.

(March 1, 2022)


Assessing healthcare expenditures of older United States adults with pain and poor versus good mental health status: a cross sectional study. BMJ Open (2022) 12:e049727

Exploring the association of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee sleep quality at a healthcare technology and services organization. COVID (2022) 2:168-174

Determining the association of perceived health status among United States older adults with self-reported pain. Aging and Health Research (2022) 2(1):100051

Neoadjuvant therapy induces a potent immune response to sarcoma, dominated by myeloid and B cells. Clinical Cancer Research (2022) 

  • Goff, P.
  • Riolobos, L.
  • Bonnie LaFleur, PhD
  • Spraker, M.
  • Seo, Y.
  • Smythe, K.
  • Campbell, J.
  • Pierce, R.
  • Zhang, Y.
  • He, Q.
  • Kim, E.

Shared gene expression and immune pathway changes associated with progression from nevi to melanoma. Cancers (2022) 14(1), p.3

  • Borden, E.
  • Adams, A.
  • Buetow, K.
  • Wilson, M.
  • Bauman, J.
  • Curiel-Lewandrowski, C.
  • Chow, H.
  • Bonnie LaFleur, PhD
  • Hastings, K.


Rhys Axon gave an international talk at the Reading School of Pharmacy titled, “Academia, Research, teaching careers within pharmacy.”


Ashley Campbell was awarded with the AACP New Investigator Award with grant funding for her study “Fixed vs Random Weekly Team Assignments and Student Outcomes in a Therapeutics Course.” 

Bonnie LaFleur is the Co-I on the two following grants:

  • DoD: Biomarker Development for the Evaluation of Mas Agonist, RASRx1902, in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • NIA: Development of Biomarker of Effect for RASRx1902 in AD