Terri Warholak, PhD, RPh

Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs/Assessment
Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Science
Assistant Professor, Public Health
Track Director, Health & Pharmaceutical Outcomes Graduate Program

Terri Warholak, PhD, RPh, assistant dean, academic affairs and assessment; professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science;—serves as public health track director, health and pharmaceutical outcomes graduate program, which trains students to evaluate the economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes pharmaceutical products and services. She focuses on medication errors, health information technology and pharmaceutical care to underserved communities, especially native Americans.

She’s authored hundreds of scholarly works, received nearly 30 national and international awards and delivered local, state and national seminars. Her 40 grants include those from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

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Education & Post Graduate Training: 

PhD, Pharmacy Administration, Purdue University West Lafayette (Indiana), 2001
MS, Pharmacy Administration, Purdue University West Lafayette (Indiana), 1999
BS, Pharmacy, Purdue University West Lafayette (Indiana), 1992

Areas of Research: 

Medical errors
Medical reconciliation
Patient safety
Quality improvement systems
Performance measurement
Community pharmacy
Chain pharmacy
Health information technology

Select Publications


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