2021 Faculty and Staff Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

The Jack R. Cole, PhD Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient is Dr. Alan Barreuther. 

Dr. Barreuther is a long-time resident of Tucson, and a graduate of the University of Arizona, with his BS in Pharmacy in 1973. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan and returned to Tucson and assumed a position at the Coit College of Pharmacy, teaching in the Clinical Pharmacy Program, established a pharmacist role in the Department of Internal Medicine, and Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic, helped establish the Drug Information and Poison Control Center in the Medical Sciences Library. He left the university and worked in various pharmacy program management roles and then worked in the pharmaceutical industry until his retirement in 2015. Alongside his career, Dr. Barreuther has a passion for volunteer work and has volunteered for the American Lung Association and was instrumental in the smoke-free laws passed in Tucson. He has also been involved in Casa de la Luz Foundation as a trained hospice volunteer and as the Board of Directors president.

The Danny and Rae Jacob Award for Pharmacy Practice recipient is Ali McBride, PharmD.

Dr. McBride is the Director of Health Economics Outcomes Research Hematology at Bristol Myers Squibb. He currently serves as the Immediate Past-President of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and he has been actively involved with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacy (ASHP) and the Hematology-Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA). In addition, he currently serves on the National Quality Forum Cancer Standing Committee. He has published over 200 abstracts and over 100 articles focusing on drug shortages, oral chemotherapy adherence, stem cell transplant, biosimilars, and pharmacoeconomics in hematology/oncology.

The A. Jay Gandolfi New Investigator Award recipient is Jim Galligan, PhD.

Since Dr. Galligan’s arrival in 2018, his work has been published in several top journals including Cell Chemical Biology, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Chemical Research in Toxicology, and he has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health with an MIRA Early Stage Career Award. This award is in recognition of his outstanding research and potential for innovative discovery. This award will establish funding stability for Dr. Galligan that will offer the flexibility to follow important new research directions as opportunities arise. Dr. Galligan’s research is perhaps the most impactful basic science research on campus.

The Dr. James Halpert Faculty Research Award recipient is Wei Wang, PhD.

Serving as a principle investigator on numerous ongoing NIH and NSF grants, Dr. Wang is expertly integrating advanced chemical synthesis approaches with chemical biology and drug discovery technologies, a competitive research approach that uniquely positions him to pursue novel therapeutics and molecular diagnostic probes that promise to impact the biomedical sciences and patient health in the near future. Dr. Wang’s publication record and scientific impact are outstanding and indisputable quality, positioning him among the top 5% cited authors in the field of chemistry, an extraordinary achievement given the competitiveness and activity level of this vibrant and ever-expanding research field. Dr. Wang also serves as the Co-Director of the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery.

The Schnellmann Family Faculty Award recipient is Maryam Fazel, PharmD

Dr. Fazel’s exceptional and unique service within the college and her excellence in teaching are well known. Not only does Maryam have a large teaching load, including didactic teaching and experiential precepting, but she also continuously demonstrates excellence in teaching in ways that are above and beyond the call of duty. She is committed to providing students with knowledge that is sustainable and has the depth needed for patient care in various settings. As the previous Co-Chair and now Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Maryam has greatly contributed to approval of new courses including a new Pharmaceutical Industry elective and is currently working with a team on developing a new Informatics Course.

The Faculty Service and Outreach Award recipient is Caitlin Cameron, PharmD

Dr. Cameron is extremely committed to enhancing health and wellness of our community members and especially the vulnerable populations. She has demonstrated her commitment by her extensive community service in the setting of very large teaching and administrative responsibilities, for which she also goes above and beyond the call of duty. Dr. Cameron’s service extends beyond the College and to the community. She has demonstrated her commitment to community outreach in various ways. As the faculty advisor for Phoenix campus health fairs, she has trained and coordinated health fairs in which pharmacy students have provided health screening and educational services.

The Staff Excellence Award recipients are Liz Coronado and LuzMaria Hernandez.

Liz Coronado has been employed as the Assessment Coordinator at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy for about 2.5 years and is an exemplary staff member! She is intelligent, hard-working, dependable, and caring. Her integrity, initiative, enthusiasm, and tenacity are evident to all. Not only does Liz have the ability to improve processes and to quickly adapt to challenges, she also has a consistently positive attitude and ability to interact well with everyone she encounters as well as a special sensitivity for working in a multicultural environment. She is self-motivated, enthusiastic and seeks collaborative opportunities.

When LuzMaria Hernandez started working with our student services team in early 2019, there was no predecessor in her position. The Student Services Specialist for Recruitment & Events was created and LuzMaria was selected. LuzMaria has not only shattered our expectations for this role, but exceled beyond our hopes. Regularly interacting with prospective and current students, college leaders, faculty, and staff, she is keenly aware of everyone’s time and needs, always organized and thoroughly professional. Our increased number of applicants is undoubtedly attributed to LuzMaria’s tireless work of engagement through various venues. She is eager to place “our PharmCAT paw print” on the students’ and families’ minds at every juncture and leave a positive impact with every person she interacts with.

The Findlay Russell, MD Distinguished Citizen Award recipient is Dr. Kelly Fine.

Dr. Kelly Fine is an exemplary citizen who has dedicated herself tirelessly to the betterment of pharmacy in the state of Arizona with the ultimate impact being felt by the citizens and communities in this state. As the CEO of the Arizona Pharmacy Association, she has been a leader in efforts to help pharmacists practice at the top of their license. As a result of her leadership, pharmacists are now able to provide more care to their patients through immunizations and collaborative practice programs. These important legislative achievements helped pave the way for the pharmacist’s led response to the Covid-19 pandemic and have benefited the health and well-being of Arizona citizens and others who visit our state.

Congratulations to all of our award Winners!