From awards to elections to publications, COP people (such as Marjanne Schnarr, left) rock. Read about Schnarr and her fellow stars Wheatley, Kuhlman, McGowan, IPSF officers, Malone and Alvarez here.

Approximately 30 area printers are expected to attend a May 4, 2011, lunch and workshop about how their businesses can reduce pollution and possibly qualify for Green Certification by the City of Tucson.

Members of our very own Prepharmacy Club (including Wendy Wong, left) were recognized by the organizers of America's largest perimeter cycling event for cyclists of all ages and abilities, El Tour de Tucson.

Professor Hank Winship inspired students and started the Southwestern Clinical Pharmacy Seminar. Alumnus Bill Francis credits Winship with guiding his career, and thinks the professor would be proud of the quality the clinical seminar maintains today.

A new program at the college will match, dollar for dollar, donations of $5,000 or more for PharmD scholarships. The first scholarship to take advantage of the program will be The Victoria Foundation Lorraine Lee Memorial Scholarship, honoring the memory of long-time Tucson activist Lorraine Lee (left).

Many College of Pharmacy employees were eligible to attend the Annual Service Awards Luncheon hosted by UA president Robert Shelton April 13. Although none of them were around when these UA cheerleaders (left) were photographed in 1942, some of them have been here a looooooong time.

The Arizona Pregnancy Riskline, a statewide non-profit organization based at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, announces a new national study to assess the safety of receiving the meningitis vaccine during pregnancy.

Featured in this issue: the poison center, the COP recognized as a top graduate school and the COP's Phoenix campus.

Three cheers for college achievers! Today's issue features faculty Erstad, Bootman, Murphy and Tong; students Tang, McKinley and the new initiates into the Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society; and alumnus Nice (left).

On April 8, the PharmD Class of 2012 took a giant step in their professional education: they ceremoniously put on the universal emblem of their profession, the white coat. Maggie Leadbetter (left) was one of the newly-coated students.

Nine members of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science and the director of student services are participating in the Arizona Assurance program, helping more than 20 undergraduates succeed as university students.

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The recently revamped college website continues to grow and improve. Read about new riches added to the site here.

Marie Chisholm-Burns, PharmD, MPH, professor and head of the Pharmacy Practice and Science Department at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, received the 2011 Nicholas A. Cummings Award from the National Academies of Practice on March 26.

The College of Pharmacy in Tucson will receive telemedicine equipment (such as the system shown at left) as part of a grant to expand training of Arizona health professionals in the team care of older adults.

While the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center answers the public’s questions about radiation exposure, drug interactions, synthetic marijuana, and scorpion stings, as well as many other potentially life-threatening topics, lawmakers are debating slashing 94 percent of federal support for the nation’s poison control

There’s a new free smartphone application that could save you precious minutes in a health emergency. It connects you quickly to the poison center nearest you, where you’ll get free and confidential advice from medical experts.

Christopher Hulme (left), associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, will be one of five University of Arizona faculty members featured in the UA at the Leading Edge activities slated to take place March 29.

On April 8, the Class of 2012 will don the symbol of their profession, the white coat, in preparation for a year of clinical experiences.

The college is participating in the Interprofessional Senior Mentor Program, for which Jeannie Lee (left) is an adviser.