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Logo for the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery

The ACDD is an integrated drug discovery center serving to translate Arizona research into potential therapeutics.


Charting a Path to Drug Discovery

There still remains a desperate need for effective therapeutics for many diseases. This occurs at a time when large pharmaceutical companies are decreasing their early-stage R&D efforts, providing a major opportunity for academic drug discovery to flourish. Nonetheless, the path leading to successful drug discovery and development is long and complex. Careful planning, navigation, and collaboration are keys to success.

The Arizona Center for Drug Discovery (ACDD) was established to provide this type of dedicated support and guidance to researchers as they traverse the intricate world of drug discovery and development in an academic setting.

The Screening Process

We guide our partners step-by-step through the drug discovery and screening process. 

Meet the Team

A team of experts with years of academic and industry experience lead drug discovery efforts. 

Our Technology

The Arizona Center for Drug Discovery has the technology available to conduct high throughput drug screenings. 

Our Partners

The Center advances drug discovery projects throughout the state and establishes connections with internal and external partners.