TOPIC: Area middle school students to attend UA College of Pharmacy program: PharmCamp explores the pharmacy profession

For older adults like Lea Goodwine-Cesarec—one in an exponentially growing population that will eventually triple by the year 2050—good medical care isn’t just a goal, it’s a necessity. Goodwine-Cesarec practices daily “polypharmacy”: the use of multiple medications by one person.

Here's another showcase of some of the happy moments from the College of Pharmacy 2011 Graduation Convocation.

Approximately 45 owners, managers and employees of local beauty and nail salons are expected to attend a May 30, 2011, lunch and workshop about how their businesses can reduce pollution and exposure to chemicals.

View the TV interview conducted with three key players in a community-based program to help small businesses reduce pollution.

Featured in this issue: the poison center, commencement and doctor's office medicine mishaps.

Members of both the Class of 2011 (including Alyssa Shanosky, left) and the Class of 2013 presented results of their projects at poster showcases earlier this month.

A number of students (including John Radosevich, left) and faculty members were recognized for outstanding performance at the Senior Awards Luncheon May 11.

Basking in the spotlight in this edition are Erica Hummell (left), as well as Andrew Cook, Rachael Mead, Brittany Traylor, Rhiannon Hardwick, Nick Mastrandrea, Ana Hincapie, the new officers of the Student Council and faculty members Christopher Hulme, Georg Wondrak and Donna Zhang.

The college has welcomed more than 15 new employees, including Patricia Herman, left, since the beginning of the year.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the visionary who is spearheading an effort to revamp the nation's healthcare delivery system, will become the honorary chairman of the college's National Advisory Board.

Recent legislation passed in Arizona will allow pharmacists to expand their role, leading to better health outcomes for patients. To prepare, Class of 2012 student Gunter Kurniawan (left) practices drawing a vaccination.

Read all about it! There will be big changes in the experiential education program, of which Kevin Boesen (left) has been the director, and a new student club has formed.

The excellent work of three College of Pharmacy employees (including Jamie McKay, left) was recognized at the AHSC Awards for Excellence ceremony May 5.

What is it about "Pomp and Circumstance" that makes us sniffle and giggle simultaneously? It happened again at the 2011 Graduation Convocation ceremony, where happy emotions reigned.

A study conducted at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy found that only 28 percent of pharmacies’ clinical decision support software systems – the computer programs that are in place to alert pharmacists to possible medication problems – correctly identified potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions.

There's a reason Rusty Crawford was chosen College of Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year in 2010: He cares.

Varga Luna Michaud (left) is one of many people department head Marie Chisholm-Burns has mentored over the years. For her achievements, Chisholm-Burns has recently been recognized with a cluster of awards.

If it's the end of the semester, it must be time to party. This year's picnic will feature activities a bit different from (but as much fun as) those the college -- and this brave professor -- enjoyed in 2009.

Six College of Pharmacy students, including Clarissa Sema (left), spent their spring break volunteering on a medical mission in Honduras.