Student pharmacists from the University of Arizona will host a free Health Fair Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. under a tent on the UA Mall near the Student Union Memorial Center.


Check out a list of stories about COP that have appeared in the media recently.

Researchers from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, collaborating with experts from pharmacy professional organizations and the University of Utah, have launched two online tools to help healthcare professionals access, understand and apply comparative effectiveness research (CER) evidence in clinical practice.


Alumnus Ken Coit (left) has funded only the second endowed chair for faculty at the college. Theodore Tong, associate dean, will be the first holder of the chair.

Marie Chisholm-Burns, head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, has been named dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Heads up! The UA will replace its aging financial information system with UAccess Financials Oct. 5. For COP employees, this could change the way you do your job.

A. Jay Gandolfi (left) heads the college's graduate program, which underwent an academic program review recently. Read about the results here.

Today's "FYI" gives information about flu shot clinics, UA student showcase, Pharmacy Day on the Mall and the annual Frontiers in Biomedical Research Poster Forum.

Today the spotlight is on faculty members Hanna Phan (left), Jeannie Lee and Marie Chisholm-Burns, as well as alumnus John Musil.

The University of Arizona Alumni Association tapped COP alumna Mary Ryan for a Professional Achievement Award earlier this month.

You won't want to miss the awards presentation at the Homecoming reception Nov. 4. We have a star-studded lineup (including John Bailey, left) who are very deserving of your congratulations.

Learn why Rep. Ben Quayle (left) visited COP in Phoenix, how to get a passport, how to apply for funds from BIO5, and more in this edition of "FYI."

Tucson will host a major interprofessional education conference in November. Learn more about the event and perhaps even register to join the more than 1,000 people who are expected to attend.

Most of the standouts in this issue of "In the Spotlight" (including Kerry Redman, left) are students.

Multiple choice: What's red, blue and bold all over? a) A newspaper. b) A zebra. c) A guy with a wildcat on his head. d) None of the above. Read this story to find out the correct answer.

Alumnus Stephen Perona worked hard -- and was named VA Healthcare Resident of the Year!

Ready for pharmacy school? APPLY NOW for admission in Fall 2017.

Check out a list of stories about COP that have appeared in the media recently.

It must be some kind of record. The National Institutes of Health have now funded one of our research training programs for more than 30 years. PhD student Owen Kinsky (left) benefited from the grant.

The College of Pharmacy is as excited to welcome our new students to campus as they are to be here! Meet the Class of 2015 and incoming graduate students, including Wendy Tate (left).