Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Highlights: September 2023

Oct. 3, 2023
A researcher using a syringe.


Eli Chapman & Donna Zhang
Shakya, A., Liu, P., Godek, J.W McKee, N.Dodson, M.Anandhan, A.Ooi, A., G N Garcia, J., Costa, M., Chapman, E., & D Zhang, D.. (2023). The NRF2-p97-NRF2 negative feedback loop. Redox Biology65(102839).

Nathan Cherrington
Hau, R., H. Wright, S., & Cherrington, N.. (2023). Addressing the Clinical Importance of Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development. In Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Abhijit Date
Yadavalli, T., Kumar Singh, S., Date, A., & Shukla, D. (2023). Tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and anti-herpetic activity of orally administered BX795165.

Wei Wang
Chang, M., Gao, F., Pontigon, D., Gnawali, G.Xu, H., & Wang, W.. (2023). Bioorthogonal PROTAC Prodrugs Enabled by On-Target Activation. Journal of the American Chemical Society145(25), 14155-14163.

Georg T. Wondrak
A. Snell, J.Jandova, J., & T Wondrak, G.. (2023). Environmental chlorination stress and the skin exposome: Effects on solar UV-driven inflammatory dysregulation and skin carcinogenesisFree Radical Biology and Medicine201, 9.

Donna Zhang
Anandhan, A., Nguyen, N., Syal, A., A Dreher, L., Dodson, M.D. Zhang, D., & Madhavan, L. (2023). Erratum to “NRF2 Loss Accentuates Parkinsonian Pathology and Behavioral Dysfunction in Human α-Synuclein Overexpressing Mice”. Aging and Disease.


Hongmin Li
Awarded seed funding from the Aegis Consortium to develop treatments for a re-emerging but neglected family of viruses.


Haining Zhu
Chair of the 3rd International Research Conference on Neurodegenerative Diseases scheduled for October 20-23 at the University of Arizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy.