White Coat Ceremony for Class of 2023!

"You will change pharmacy positions as you move forward. This is a part of being a pharmacist."

Congratulations to our class of 2023 who received their white coats at our annual white coat ceremony! 

See our gallery of photos from this event here!

We have 123 students in our class of 2023 and honored them at our White Coat Ceremony at Centennial Hall. 

The White Coat Ceremony at the University of Arizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy was first performed on April 30, 2001, and was initiated by the members of the Class of 2002. During this year's ceremony, Jeannie Lee, PharmD, Assistant Dean for Student Services and Associate Professor in the Pharmacy Practice & Science Department explained to the students why we have this ceremony each year "The purpose of this ceremony is to impress upon you the importance of wearing the white coat as you proceed into your advanced clinical training - that is, on becoming the trustworthy person in the "White Coat." Wearing a White Coat is an important responsibility and part of the purpose of today’s ceremony is to recognize this responsibility. The other purpose of today’s ceremony is to celebrate how close you are to being the trustworthy person in the White Coat." 

This year's ceremony was indeed special, as it was the first in-person White Coat Ceremoney since the COVID pandemic. Students, families, friends, and our college's faculty and staff were thrilled to see our students being coated by our faculty. 

Our speakers this year shared messages of change and resiliency during the ceremony. "Donning your white coat today is a symbol of change and you are no strangers to change! The past two years have been difficult, and you have been required to continually change and adapt. You had to quickly change from in-person learning to online learning, you had to change the ways you interact with your professors and fellow students, and you had to change the ways you communicate. Just as you have adapted to change during this time, you will adapt and change throughout your pharmacy career. I watched as you met these changes with resiliency, strength, and fortitude and I am certain the strategies and methods you learned to adapt to, and even embrace, change, will serve you well in your careers" shared Dean Rick Schnellmann. 

Dr. Metta Lou Henderson was our guest speaker this year. Dr. Henderson earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Master of Science in Pharmacy, and Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy - all at our great R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona. Dr. Henderson also had a message to share about change, "You will change pharmacy positions as you move forward. This is a part of being a pharmacist. Keep networking. Find new mentors and become mentors to others. Mentors change over time depending upon your needs. Be active in state and national organizations. Go to meetings. Meet new people and network. These are chances to find new mentors and find individuals for you to mentor. These new friends will be important when you need suggestions for what you are doing or decide to do. Change is important. Do not find yourself in a rut. Keep going forward and find new challenges."

Congratulations class of 2023!