Student Spotlight: Hayden Mitteer

Although Hayden Mitteer began college alongside his peers in the bachelors’ program at the University of Arizona, he chose an alternative route.  

Now a second year undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, Mitteer was just accepted into the College of Pharmacy’s PharmD program where he will become a doctor of pharmacy candidate. Unlike many students in class beside him, Mitteer will finish up his undergraduate classes this year and move on to his doctorate next year.  

This opportunity presented itself to Mitteer through the Early Assurance plan at the College of Pharmacy. 

“The process has been pretty involved, because Early Assurance is an accelerated process the course load is a lot heavier. On top of that, I had to apply to the School of Pharmacy 2 years early.” 

His biggest piece of advice to students who are considering taking this alternative route is, “know that you want to pursue pharmacy. It is a big commitment and requires dedication.” 

With this, Mitteer is looking forward to accelerating his pharmaceutical career and heading out into the field as soon as he can.  

Right now, he is currently working as a pharmacy technician at CVS pharmacy where he continues to grow his knowledge of pharmaceuticals and cultivate his passion for the industry. 

Mitteer chose pharmacy because of his exposure to the field at a young age. 

“My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I always thought that these drugs would save her, unfortunately she passed away within the year. I want to understand why they didn’t save her,” he explained. 

Now, once he graduates, Mitteer plans on using his degree to go into the work field or further his education.  

“After graduation I want to involve myself either with hospital pharmacy, or I will continue with school to get my PhD in pharmacology. 

Overall, Mitteer has worked hard to pursue his passion in pharmacy. He is an outstanding example of the opportunities that are available at the UA Pharmacy school. 

“I feel like this pathway has forced me to immerse myself in the field and think about where this would take me.” 


Story by: Gracie Lordi