Native American Heritage: Harriett Reid

In honor of Native American Heritage month we are recognizing exceptional Native American students within the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy.

Harriett Reid is Dine, president of the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Student Council, treasurer of the National Community Pharmacists Association - UA Chapter, Worthy Keeper of Finance for Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Nu, and a pharmacist intern for River People Pharmacy - SRPMIC.

She shares why she chose pharmacy as her field of study, the faculty who have made an impact and what being Native American means to her.

Why did you choose pharmacy as your field of study?
I've always found medication and the effects on the body very intriguing. I wondered how taking a pill can help heal what ails you, and how the medication knew where to go to provide relief.

What is your tribal affiliation? And what does being Native American mean to you?
I am Dine (Navajo). Family is a huge part of who we are, and I love the family I come from. They give me the strength, endurance, and courage to pursue my dreams. I take great pride in my culture, history, and traditions. My culture has taught me to cherish and respect my elders, and that has fueled my interest in geriatric care. In order to start giving back while in school, and prepare my post-graduate practice goals, I joined ASCP; an international pharmacy organization whose mission is to promote healthy aging for senior patients.

How has your Native American heritage influenced the way you approach your studies or research?
Since deciding to pursue my PharmD I have always planned to use my degree to help, and give back to Native American communities. Working with members of other tribes, I have learned about their culture and traditions. Which has helped me to understand different approaches of care.

What faculty/staff have left an impression on you? How so?
As my advisors for American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), Dr Ashley Campbell, Dr. Nicole Henry, and Dr. Jeanine Lee have all left an impression. I have been involved with ASCP since the start of pharmacy school. Now as a former president, I have seen their role as pharmacists, professors, and leaders. I aspire to have Dr. Lee's confidence and ability to be personable; Dr Campbell's knowledge and passion as a geriatric pharmacist; and Dr. Henry's leadership and involvement with the community. All three continue to amaze and encourage me to always be my best.