Katrin Henry Awarded Empowering Diversity Scholarship

Katrin Henry, a third-year PharmD student, was among 20 recipients awarded with the 2022 Empowering Diversity Scholarship by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Fiesta Bowl Charities. 

Henry, who is affiliated with the P'urhepecha, was recognized during the Fiesta Bowl Kickoff Luncheon in August. She wore traditional clothing worn by P'urhepecha women, which are hand-sewn and take a year to create. The patterns and colors are also unique to each of the 12 towns that make up the P'urhepecha tribe.  

She said her time on stage was an opportunity to share her professional experiences and the impact the scholarship will have on her education.  

The following is what she shared during he luncheon: 

Nareránsku! That is "hello" in P'urhepecha. My name is Katrin Henry and I am a recipient of the Empowering Diversity Scholarship this year. Thanks to Fiesta Bowl Charities and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, this scholarship will cover a third of the cost of my final year of pharmacy school and support three generations of pharmacy practice. In the next year, I will be completing clinical rotations in rural communities across Arizona. As a pharmacist, I plan to give back to the Indigenous peoples of Arizona, the Yuma community and continue with my family’s legacy of Indigenous Pharmacy Practice of the Purépecha.

Photo by Fiesta Bowl.