College of Pharmacy hosts booths at SciFest

The R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy participated in Family SciFest Saturday February 19, teaching children about sun safety, handwashing, COVID-19 and vaccine smart tips.

The Children's Museum hosts Family SciFest annually. The event encourages kids to get excited about science while teaching them valuable life skills. Explore how much fun science can be with Science demonstrations, STEM activities and awe-inspiring information. These are the things that make Family SciFest one of the Museum’s longest running and most popular events. 

Student volunteers included Ketty Lee (P3), Carson McKelvey (P3), Zahraa Ahmed (P3), Anyang Ndobegang (P3), Crystal Lee (P3), Trinh Nguyen (P2), Kamilla Izmailova (P2). Alex Duong (P2) and Emily Tran (P2) from PediaCats were also present.

A special thank you to Dr. Theodore Tong for facilitating this special event for our students!