Celebrating our Pharmacy Student Moms!

Recently, an R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy student-run FaceBook group known as PharmaMomma was started by a group of student moms looking to ask for and share advice. As a result, moms working through pharmacy school were able to receive support from others that understood their struggles and achievements.

Having a place to receive advice and share stories has helped student-mothers feel like there is community for them.

We are highlighting some of the strong women who are pursuing their dreams and aspirations while being moms to recognize their perseverance and ingenuity.

Many student mothers struggle with juggling a variety of responsibilities such as school, their children, and work. 

“We have karate, we have soccer, we have softball, we have piano, we have guitar and we have orchestra. You know they're all in school, so all of the school activities that happen and extra curriculars," Michelle Wylie, PharmD said.

Through these challenges, however, they have been able to develop tools in order to better handle their full plate. They have support through their husbands, mothers, and other family members. As well, they have found ways to lock down schedules and insure that everything is written down and planned out.

Kim Carroll PharmD, and recent 2022 graduate, explained figuring out how to create a schedule and calendar that include all the minute details. She described that it was crucial to even pencil an hour for studying alongside other events and activities.,

Balance is a huge part of being a student-mom. More importantly, finding time for you kids, your school work, and yourself can be incredibly tricky.

One part of school that these moms had to give up was the extracurriculars, “As much as I would love to do that I just can't because I have to prioritize my family,” Dr. Carrol said.

A big part of being a successful student mom has been making sure that they prioritize their mental health. Whether it be taking a bath, going for a run, or grabbing some ice cream these mothers have found ways to make space in their busy schedule for their personal self-care time.

Cora Kraynik found that her saving grace was a weekly “Paint and Sip” class. She explained, “When I rediscovered that hobby it was so nice to have just kind of some time to check out. I  didn't have to be a mom for two hours and I didn't have to be a pharmacy student for two hours. That to me was hugely important.”

Most importantly, it is important to recognize the valor of student mothers' achievements. Not only are they scholars working to further their education, but they are also raising another generation of humans who understand hard work and perseverance like their moms.

If you want more information about the PharmaMomma FaceBook, or to find support from other Pharmacy student moms, contact the Director of Student Services, Barb Collins collins@pharmacy.arizona.edu.

Story by: Gracie Lordi