R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Faculty and Graduate students presented 11 posters at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Virtual European Meeting

The following posters were presented:

  • Arku D, Axon D. "Is pain severity associated with functional limitations among United States adults with self reported pain?"
  • Axon DR, Jarrell B, Pesqueira T, Dicochea D. "Assessing the pattern of healthcare costs among older United States adults with varying pain severities."
  • Axon DR. "Healthcare expenditures of older United States adults with self-reported pain and functional limitations: a cross-sectional, retrospective database study."
  • Axon DR, Kamel A. "Patterns of healthcare expenditures among older United States adults with pain and different perceived health states."
  • Axon DR, Jang A, Son L, Pham T. "Predictors of good perceived health status among United States older adults with self-reported pain."
  • Axon D, Kloster J, Morales S, Eckert B, Turner-Warren T, Aseret-Manygoats T, Ehiri J, Riggs S, Kilungo A, Warholak T. "Identification of medication-related problems among rural community-dwelling patients receiving telephonic medication therapy management services."
  • Arku D, Felix M, Warholak T, Axon D. "Evaluating health outcomes of participants enrolled in Program of All inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and elderly participants enrolled in other care giving programs: a scoping review."
  • Whaley S, Binawad N, Warholak T, Axon D. "Validation assessment of a pain interference questionnaire among student pharmacists at a United States University."
  • Choi B, Obeng-Kusi M, Axon D, Cooley J, Warholak T. "Improving a rating scale: applying rasch analysis to student pharmacists' perceptions of their professional identity."
  • Arku D, Almatruk Z, Axon D, Warholak T. "Assessing the reliability and validity of an instrument used to measure student pharmacists' experiences of teamwork in a quality improvement course."
  • Dhatt H, Marupuru S, Axon D, Warholak T, Slack M. "Impact of shared decision making on outcomes among patients with pain: a systematic review & meta-analysis.