PharmD Graduate Spotlight: Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn

In preparation for the College of Pharmacy’s 2021 Convocation, we’re highlighting a few of our many extraordinary graduates.

Outstanding student Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn is headed to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester. She shared with us some advice and memories that she collected during her time at the College of Pharmacy.

Name: Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Program: PharmD 

Q: What inspired you to pursue your PharmD?

A: It is impossible to say exactly what inspired me to revere pharmacy as a career, but after considering what a life of purpose entails for me, I realized my desire to be a pharmacist was neither about salary, nor prestige. It is about applying my strengths and compassion for others, in collaboration with a dynamic healthcare community, to serve the best interest of patients. I attribute my commitment to pursuing the profession of pharmacy to observing the impact of pharmacists on patients and their caregivers in four key settings prior to pharmacy school: hospice, emergency medicine, solid organ transplant, and community pharmacy.

Q: What have you accomplished during your studies that you are proud of?

A: During my didactic career, I am most proud of the opportunity to participate in the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Internship Program. It was an invaluable experience and the Mayo Clinic Department of Pharmacy contributed greatly to my professional and personal growth as a student pharmacist.

Q: What are your other plans for after graduation?

A: I am so incredibly humbled, honored, and excited to have the opportunity to pursue my postgraduate year one pharmacy training at Mayo Clinic Hospital – Rochester! Additionally, I plan to continue my professional service through actively participating in local, state, and national pharmacy organizations.

Q: What is your favorite memory from school? 

A: I can confidently report that my favorite memory from pharmacy school was pledging and being a founding Brother of the Kappa Psi Zeta Chi Chapter as a first-year student pharmacist. From this experience, I learned how to pursue excellence in my endeavors, support the advancement of the profession of pharmacy, demonstrate professionalism, develop as a leader, and network. Most importantly, this opportunity introduced me to a large community of pharmacist colleagues who have become my confidants, and gave me an exceptional Big in Terri Warholak, PhD, RPh, CPHQ, FAPhA.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for students who may be thinking about pursuing their PharmD?

A: For students that have an interest in pursuing pharmacy as a career, my advice is the following: 

  1. Discover Your Passion: Knowing what you are passionate about, or your “why” behind what you do, is an important factor of choosing a path that leads to long-term professional and personal satisfaction
  2. Seek Mentorship: Mentors are people (professors, healthcare professionals, etc.) who are willing to invest in helping you discover your passion, guide you to the right opportunities, and encourage you throughout your pursuit of your professional career. Note: You can have more than one mentor!
  3. Pursue Shadowing, Volunteer, Employment Opportunities Related to Your Interests: Healthcare is a community committed to teaching and learning. Do not be afraid to reach out to individuals successful in the career that you are interested in to ask questions about their journey, advice they would give to students, or opportunities to shadow. Exposures like these can be helpful in determining which health profession is the best “fit” for you. If you learn that a particular field is not the best “fit” for you, remember that knowing what you do not want is just as important as knowing what you do want. Every experience contributes to you pursuing the right career choice for you.
  4. Engage with the Profession of Your Interest: The healthcare community has many local and national organizations in which undergraduate students can get involved with for mentorship. For example, every year around August the Arizona Pharmacy Association (AzPA) has an opportunity for students (undergraduate and professional) to sign-up for their Mentor-Mentee Connection Program, where students are matched with a Pharmacist. 
  5. Believe You Can: Yes, getting into pharmacy school is competitive. However, you can do this! It is your passion, uniqueness of experiences and resilience that will set you apart as an exceptional candidate and future colleague. 


Story by: Gracie Lordi