Native American Student Spotlight: Jaeda Honani

In honor of Native American Heritage month we are recognizing some of the exceptional Native American students at the College of Pharmacy.

Name: Jaeda Honani

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduation year: 2023

Tribal affiliation: Hopi tribe - Sun clan



Q: What brought you to pharmacy at the University of Arizona?

As I was growing up I was always a University of Arizona fan alongside some of my family members. I grew up watching Arizona sports and representing the school so it has been a goal for me to get into this school for a long time. Once I figured out I wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy I was very excited that Arizona had a program here.

Q: Do you have any role models that inspire you - at college or in general?

My parents play a big role in my life and motivate me to do great things as I see them making a change in my community. I also really enjoy my classes and instructors like Dr. Schnellmann and Dr. Vaillancourt. I aspire to be pharmaceutical experts like them in the future.

Q: Have you experienced any challenges in school? How did you overcome them?

It is evident that COVID-19 was a great challenge for everyone. I particularly had a difficult time adjusting to the online class setting but with the help of school resources I was able tocovercome them.

Q: What does being Native American mean to you?

Being Hopi means everything to me. It is my home and it gives me a sense of belonging and safety in this world. Our culture and values are still very rich and that is something I take much pride in. As natives we have a lot of history that we still carry with us today and it has become a big part of us. Our cultures, customs, and morals of life define who we are. It is very important that we carry these values with us and continue to overcome the adversities we face in the world today.

Q: Has being Native American influenced the way you approach your studies or research?

Being native definitely has an influence on the way I approach my studies. My motivation is driven from many individuals on the reservation that give unconditional support since the beginning of my college journey. As a Native American, it can be hard to balance both worlds but I find peace when I remind myself that I am pursuing this area of study to help benefit my community back home. I want to be an exceptional pharmacist on the reservation.

Q: What are your goals for after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to apply for Pharmacy school and pursue my PharmD degree to become a pharmacist.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for taking the time and opportunity to share a part of me with you. I hope that anyone reading is reminded of their purpose, and to keep striving for the best. Go Wildcats!


Story by: Gracie Lordi