HOPE Center Study Identifies Monetary Benefits of Using Adjunctive Hydrocortisone Therapy for Septic Shock

(December 1, 2020)

College of Pharmacy and HOPE Center investigators IVO ABRAHAM, PHD, RN and BRIAN ERSTAD, PHARMD, MCCM, PCCP, FASHP co-authored a study recently published in Critical Care Medicine. This was a retrospective cohort study titled Cost Analysis of Adjunctive Hydrocortisone Therapy for Septic Shock: U.S. Payer Perspective. The researchers analyzed data from 103 medical-surgical ICU adult patients with septic shock who received adjunctive hydrocortisone therapy. Results indicate significant monetized benefit with use of adjunctive hydrocortisone therapy in critically ill patient with septic shock. Key drivers include ICU-free days, vasopressor-free days, and ventilation-free days.

Co-authors are College of Pharmacy Health & Pharmaceutical Outcomes Program alumni Mok Oh PharmD, PhD , Nimer Alkhatib, PharmD, PhD , and Abdulaali Almutairi, PharmD, PhD , and former faculty Asad Patanwala PharmD, MPH.