Bachelors - Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences is the future of healthcare. 

Prepare to make a direct impact on health outcomes through life-saving drug development and vital research, while also gaining an ideal foundation for advanced studies in pharmacy, medicine, and other health professions.

This versatile major combines science, healthcare, and innovation to make direct improvements on health outcomes. 

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Don’t limit yourself to a single discipline.  Pharmaceutical sciences is an interdisciplinary field that brings together chemistry, physiology, and biology for the purposes of developing better and more effective treatments. Our faculty study the impact of drugs and other chemicals on the body, make groundbreaking discoveries to improve drug efficacy, develop biological and genetic indicators to better predict patient outcomes, and discover innovative new drug delivery systems.  Pharmaceutical sciences matters.

Whether you’re planning for a career in healthcare, research, industry, or any other field that bridges science and healthcare, your knowledge and skills will be in high demand.   Take the next step toward a meaningful career with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences!


Rebecca Field

Rebecca Field, MEd
Director, Undergraduate Student Services

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Jennifer Schnellmann

Jennifer Schnellmann, PhD
Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Program


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