Rebecca Justiniano

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)
Dissertation Title: 
From Molecular Mechanisms of UVA-Induced Skin Photooxidative Stress to Experimental Interventions Targeting Skin Cancer
Year Enrolled: 

BS Biological Sciences (2010), Florida State University

Honors and Achievements: 
1. UA NIH Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) Graduate Study Award, 2012-13.
2. UA Graduate Access Fellowship, 2012-13.
3. NIEHS Training Grant-Environmental Toxicology of Human Diseases, 2014, 2015 (34, 35).

1. Tao S., Justiniano R., Zhang D.D., and Wondrak G.T. (2013). The Nrf2-Inducers Tanshinone I and Dihydrotanshinone Protect Human Skin Cells and Reconstructed Human Skin Against Solar Simulated UV. Redox Biology 1, 532-541.
2. Park, S.L., Justiniano R., Williams, J.D., Cabello, C.M., Qiao S., Wondrak G.T., (2014). The Tryptophan-Derived Endogenous Arylhydrocarbon Receptor Ligand 6-Formylindolo[3,2-B] Carbazole(FICZ) is a Nanomolar UVA-Photosensitizer in Epidermal Keratinocytes. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2015 Jun;135(6):1649-58.
3. Justiniano R., Schenk J., Balete D., Rickart E., and Steppan S. (2014). Testing Diversification Models of Endemic Philippine Forect Mice (Apomys) with Nuclear Phylogenies Across Elevational Gradients Reveals Repeated Colonization of Isolated Mountain Ranges. Journal of Biogeography 41(9): 1631-1638.

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