Michael Kerins

I will be leading the assessment of product safety for consumer products, with particular focus on healthcare products (OTC compounds and formulations, supplements).

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Human Safety Toxicologist, Procter and Gamble
Dissertation Title: 
Ironing out roles and regulation og NRF2 in a Hereditary cancer syndrome.
Year Enrolled: 

BS Biochemistry (2011), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Honors and Achievements: 

Charles River Fast Facts Competition 2018 – First Place -$500 (2018).

Outstanding Oral Presentation—Mountain West Society of Toxicology 36th Annual Meeting -$100 (2018).

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship -$135,000 (2016-2019).

American College of Toxicology North American Graduate Fellowship -$10,000 (2017-2019).

Society of Toxicology Supplemental Training for Education Program -$1,000 (2018).

Outstanding Research Award in Pharmacology and Toxicology (2018).

UA Graduate College-National Science Foundation Travel Award -$500 (2018).

Charles River Fast Facts Competition 2017 – First place -$500 (2017).

Caldwell Health Sciences Research Fellowship -$3,000 (2017).

Academic Excellence Award in Pharmacology and Toxicology Track (2017).

Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Award -$750 (2017).

UA Graduate College-National Science Foundation Travel Award -$500 (2017).

UA Graduate College-University Fellows Travel Award -$500 (2016).

Yuma Friends of Arizona Health Sciences Young Investigator Research Award -$2000 (2016).

University Fellow -$30,000 (2014-2015).

Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC Travel Grant judge)

  • Rank applications for 6+ competitive UA travel awards  2015/04 – Current

College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Council (VP, Pharm/Tox Rep)  2017/05 – 2018/12

College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Council (Treasurer, Pharm/Tox Rep)  2016/05 – 2017/05

  • Relayed student concerns to faculty council
  • Manage fundraising and budget for council activities
  • Organized a career development symposium of four non-academic scientists, including a former surgeon general

Toxicology Outreach Ambassadors (Ambassador)  2015/05 – 2017/01

  • Exposed middle and high school students to simple toxicology experiments
  • Discussed “life as a scientist” and science careers with students

Keep Engaging Youth in Science (High School Student Mentor)  2015/05 – 2015/08

  • Taught and mentored a high school student on simple research projects


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** = selected by journal as issue cover

* = selected by journal as article of significant note in issue

# = first authors (multiple)

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