Matthew Medeiros, PhD

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
PharmD Candidate, University of Arizona
Dissertation Title: 
“Genomic Response of Human Urothelial Cells Exposed Chronically To Monomethylarsonous Acid"
Honors and Achievements: 
1. SuperFund Basic Research Program Student Trainee, 2008-10.
2. NIEHS Training Grant - Environmental Toxicology of Human Diseases, 2010 (30).
3. NIEHS Training Grant - Environmental Toxicology of Human Diseases, 2011 (31).
1. Medeiros MK, Gandolfi AJ. "Chapter 10: Bladder Canceer and Arsenic. In: Arsenic: Exposure Sources, Health Risks, and Mechanisms of Toxicity”. J.C. States – Editor, Wiley-Blackwell, pp, 2013.
2. Escudero Lourdes C, Medeiros MK, Cardenas-Gonzalez MC, Wnek SM, Gandolfi AJ. Low level exposure to monomethyl arsonous acid-induced the over-production of inflammation-related cytokines and the activation of cell signals associated with tumor progression in an urothelial cell model. Tox Appl Pharm, 244:162-173, 2010.
3. Wnek SM, Camarillo JM, Medeiros MK, Gandolfi AJ. Interdependent genotoxic mechanisms of monomethylarsonic acid: Role of ROS induced DNA damage and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibition in the malignant transformation of urothelial cells.Tox Appl Pharm 257(1): 1-13, 2011.
4. Medeiros MK, Zheng X, Novak P, Wnek SM, Chyan V, Gandolfi AJ. Global gene expression changes in human urothelial cells exposed to low-level monomethylarsonous acid. Toxicology, 291(1-3):102-112, 2012.
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