Maralee McVean, PhD

Advisor: Dr. Dan Liebler
I am currently a senior scientist at Oridigm Corporation in Seattle, Washington.. We are a small organization and I am fortunate to be involved in a diversity of drug discovery projects ranging from anti-cancer drugs to immune system modulators.
I draw on my scientific background in analytical chemistry, molecular techniques, cancer biology and signal transduction to assess new therapeutic targets and adapt experimental assays to answer our specific questions. Within my company, I am involved in decisions regarding the progress and direction of different projects and identification of lead compounds.
Furthermore, I am the lead scientist in our project to discover and optimize compounds active against autoimmune diseases. Since this is a new project, I am involved in basic research and mechanistic studies in addition to guiding the setup of streamlined screening assays. It is exciting to see these projects evolve from the beginning and I hope to see a fruitful end!
My training in toxicology has benefited me greatly in this job. Development of new techniques and trouble-shooting were integral to my success in graduate school. Furthermore, in the process of setting up new projects, I talk to scientists in a variety of different fields.
The Pharm/Tox program gave me a diverse scientific background, allowing me to synthesize and adapt data from one discipline to another. The Student Seminar Series also gave me the practice necessary to intelligently and succinctly present and discuss data, an important skill in the sometimes hectic pace of industry.
Most importantly, the camaraderie I always felt with the other Pharm/Tox students and the approachability of the faculty has translated well into my career. I enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas with my staff, peers and mentors alike and my research endeavors benefit from their participation.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Senior Scientist, Oridigm Corporation, Seattle, WA
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“Photoprotective Actions of Vitamin E in Mouse Skin: Prevention of UVB Induced DNA Photodamage”
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