Jill Augustine, PhD

My first position post-graduation is as the Director of Assessment and Assistant Professor. With this position, I will be working with administration and faculty members to ensure that the Doctor of Pharmacy and the Doctor of Philosophy programs are meeting the educational requirements and standards for accreditation. Additionally, I will be working with the University to ensure compliance with the University's mission, vision, and goals. Finally, I will serve as a faculty member, conducting my own research, teaching, in the professional and graduate programs, and serving on college and University committees.

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy and Outcome
Mercer University
Director of Assessment and Assistant Professor in Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dissertation Title: 
Design and development of an Objective, Structured Management Examinations (OSMEs) on management skills among pharmacy students
Year Enrolled: 

Doctor of Pharmacy (2012) College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Mercer University, Atlanta, GA Master of Public Health (2007) Emory University, Atlanta, GA B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004) Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Honors and Achievements: 
Graduate and Professional Student Council Student Showcase Education Category (First place), 2016
Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy, and Outcomes Outstanding Research Award, 2015
Graduate and Professional Student Council Advocate of the Year, 2014
William and Betty Milleson Fink Graduate Student Fellowship, 2014
Research and Project Grant Recipient, 2014
Graduate & Professional Student Council Research and Project Grant, 2014
College of Pharmacy Arizona Chapter of the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society Scholarship, 2013
Graduate & Professional Student Council Travel Grant, 2013, 2014, 2015
University of Arizona
Rho Chi, Member 2015-Present
Graduate Student Council, President 2013-Present
Pharmacy Assessment Committee 2013-Present
Dean's Executive Council 2014-Present
Graduate Representative to Pharmacy Student Council 2013-2014
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Graduate Education Ad-hoc Committee 2015-Present
Graduate Education Programming Committee 2013-2014
American Pharmasists Association
   Academy of Pharmacutical Research and Science (APRS)
     -Postgraduate Officer 2014-Present
     -Postgraduate Advisory Committee 2013-Present
     -Education Standing Committee 2014-Present
     -Awards Standing Committee 2013-2014
   New Practitioner Network
     -University of Arizona New Practitioner Mentor 2012-Present
     -New Practitioner Transitions Editorial Advisory Board 2014-2015
   Academy of Student Pharmacists
     -National Awards Standing Committee, Co-Chair 2011-2012
     -4th Year Liaison 2011-2012
     -Mercer University Chapter President 2010-2011
     -Executive Liaison, Operation Heart 2010-2011
     -Region III Member-at-Large 2009-2010
University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)
College of Pharmacy-Graduate Program Representative 2014-2015
Sectretary 2014-2015
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
Membership Outreach Committee, Chair 2013-2014
University of Arizona Chapter President 2013-2014
University of Arizona Chapter Vice-President 2012-2013
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Book Chapters:
Nau D, Augustine JM, Kirking D. Why is Medication Use Less than Appropriate? In: Fluda T, Wehterimer A, Lyles A, eds. Pharmaceutical Public Policy. Burlington MA: Jones & Barlett Learning; 2016 (in press).
Lovett AW, Peasah SK, Xiao H, Ryan GJ, Perkins P, eds. Introduction to the Pharmacy Profession. Burlington MA: Jones & Bralett Learing; 2013.
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