Jennifer Cohen, PhD

My dissertation project involved mapping out signal transduction pathways and determining post-translational modifications to key proteins during chemically induced renal cell carcinoma in an in vivo bioassay in the Eker rat (Tsc-2EK/+), in renal tumor xenografts in athymic nude mice, and in our in vitro renal cell carcinoma model, 2,3,5-tris-(glutathion-S-yl) hydroquinone transformed primary renal epithelial cells derived from Tsc-2EK/+ rats (QTRRE cells).
I am currently working as a project toxicologist in the Drug Safety Evaluation group at Takeda California.  As a project toxicologist, I provide nonclinical safety representation on cross functional project teams.  Part of my responsibilities are to develop and execute nonclinical safety plans for screening, exploratory, and GLP nonclinical safety programs from compound discovery through IND submission.  I participate in early clinical candidate selection and characterization in support of internal compound progression and subsequent development.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Senior Scientist, Drug Safety Evaluation Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
Dissertation Title: 
“Modulation of MAP Kinase signaling by the Tsc-2 Tumore Suppressor and cAMP in Quinol-Thioether-Induced Renal Cell Carcinoma”
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