Jeffrey C. Stevens, PhD

Advisor: Dr. Jim Halpert
I am currently a senior scientist with the Enabling Technology Division of Global Drug Metabolism at Pharmacia Corporation in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Since receiving my PhD in 1991 under the direction of Dr. Jim Halpert, I have been in the pharmaceutical industry. After completing a postdoctoral scientist position at Eli Lilly in 1992, I worked for 7 years at Rhône-Poulenc Rorer (currently Aventis) in the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics department. Since joining Pharmacia in 1999, one of my primary responsibilities has been as a project team representative for an infectious disease program. This involves providing metabolism support and interacting with various disciplines involved in the discovery and development process (medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, clinical, etc.). In addition, my group is involved in technology development and implementation. These projects have included the characterization of species differences in metabolic capabilities, the role of glucuronidation in drug clearance and in silico approaches to predictive drug metabolism. The toxicology training program at Arizona has provided a strong foundation for my career in three critical areas: mechanisms and results of toxicology from a multidisciplinary perspective, the emphasis on clear scientific approach and experimental design, and written and verbal presentation of results. Specifically, my graduate work in characterization of animal cytochrome P450 forms and in vitro metabolism provided an easy transition to in vitro approaches to drug metabolism and predictions of drug interactions within the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, my interactions with several members of the department have continued to include scientific collaborations and interactions within professional societies and journals.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Senior Scientist, Pfizer Global Drug Metabolism Pharmacia Corporation
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“Steroid Derivatives as Probes of Adrenal Cytochrome P450 Structure and Function”
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