Researcher Services and Resources

Services ACDD Provides for Researchers:

  • Assisting to advance potential drug candidates through the required phases of efficacy and safety testing which involves Investigational New Drug (IND) enabling studies.
  • Aligning research interests, assisting in project proposals, building mutual research plans
  • Mentorship in drug discovery process based on broad understanding of Pharma and Biotech opportunities and gaps
  • Alliance Management

ACDD Provided Resources

  • Functional Genomics Core 
    • The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) is integrated with the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery, providing resources for investigators conducting research in molecular biology to run live cell, biochemical and other assays. The FGC specializes in conducting high-throughput drug/compound screens. RNAi screens, yeast/microbial deletion library screens, and the automation of repetitive molecular biological protocols for the purpose of network analysis, drug and target discovery. Laboratory equipment is also available for general (low-throughput) use. 
  • CDD Vault
    • ACDD utilizes CDD Vault as platform for compound and data management.
  • Molecular Modeling
    • Molecular modeling facility with multi-processor hardware and modeling software has been established under ACDD. This facility will provide the University of Arizona investigators a platform for the use of computational techniques in drug discovery projects. Dr. Vijay Gokhale oversees this facility and he is available for consultation or discussion about the projects. Some of the capabilities available include:
      • Docking and virtual screening of compound libraries against protein structure.
      • Pharmacophore generation from active molecules and searches
      • ADME property prediction
      • Chemoinformatics, compound classification and clustering.
      • If you have specific questions about project or capabilities, please contact Vijay Gokhale, Associate Research Professor, BIO5 Institute 520-626-4224
  • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Located in the newly renovated Skaggs Building, ACDDs small molecule medicinal chemistry efforts are overseen by Wei Wang, PhD. Current project support includes SAR development for oncology project and gram quantity scale-up for late stage in vivo studies. 
    • Facilities & Equipment
      • Housed in the newly renovated and expanded Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences center, the ACDD provides researchers with access to state of the art equipment and an abundance of chemistry lab space for use in drug discovery research.
      • The laboratory has state of the art equipment such as NMR, LC-MS (analytical and prep), ISCO purification system, UV-Vis, fluorometer, and fluorescence plate readers.