Portfolio Instructions for Faculty

Portfolio 2022-23 Process

This section lays out the steps that your mentees will take to complete their portfolios, and the steps you should take to review and grade your portfolios.

Student portfolios are due at 11:59 pm on January 13, 2023. The portfolios will be submitted via D2L.

We encourage you to join one of the following open Zoom meetings to ask any questions about the portfolio process:

Wednesday, December 7 from 12:30 -1:00 | Zoom 12/7
Wednesday, January 4 from 12:30 - 1:00 | Zoom 1/4 
Friday, January 6 from 12:30 - 1:00 | Zoom 1/6 
Monday, January 9 from 12:00 - 12:30 | Zoom 1/9 

The portfolio components will be the same as last year with the addition of NEW co-curricular requirements for the class of 2026 and 2025, and they include the following:

  1. Expected Outcomes survey (New Co-Curricular participation and tracking; see D2L “Mentor Training” for details)
  2. Reflection questions at the end of the Expected Outcomes Survey
  3. Pharmacy Career Pathways Student Interest Form
  4. Updated student CV

2022-2023 Portfolio Information:

  • All students must complete a portfolio and meet with their mentors, including P4 students.
  • Each Mentor will be able to see their assigned mentees. Please check to make sure you have the correct list of students by checking “Pharmacy Portfolio D2L Submission”– Under “Class List.”
  • Students will need to attest that they met with their Mentor to discuss the portfolio. Students will complete this attestation by March 25. Please make sure you schedule a meeting with your mentee before March 25.
  • Grades are due by 3:00 pm March 31.  
    • Please submit a grade for each student, including P1 students. This will ensure that P1 students will know what to expect for P2-P4 years when the grades count for a class.
  • The portfolio grading has been simplified to include only: excellent, pass, fail/redo. See the Portfolio Rubric for more information.
  • The (FESPCO) Faculty Evaluation of Student Perception of Curricular Outcomes Form has been updated and will be submitted via Qualtrics.
    Please fill out the form once you meet with all your students.

Additional Portfolio Information for students includes the following:



About the Portfolio Mentorship Process

See Portfolio Mentor Training in D2L/ For Mentors: D2L_Pharmacy Portfolio 2022-2023

For mentors: Training Video



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