Posting Announcements (Tucson)

Drachman Hall A and B

Any paper advertisement, flier, announcements to be hung in the Drachman Hall buildings (A or B) shall first be approved by the Student Services Office in the appropriate building (A302 or B107).

Posting Announcements Steps
  1. Bring an original copy to the Office of Student Services in the building which you wish to hang the announcement.
    • Drachman Hall A302
    • Drachman Hall B107
  2. The announcement will be initialed and dated by the office, upon approval.
    Copies of the announcement showing the initials and date can be made
  3. Announcement Location
    • Announcements may be hung indoors on plastic, metal or bulletin boards ONLY.
      • Special permission can be granted for posting on painted walls or glass doors. Ask the appropriate Student Services Offices
    • Announcements may not be taped, nailed, screwed or in any way attached to the outside metal or brick siding of the building
  4. Removal of Announcements
    It is the responsibility of the organization or the individual to remove announcements no later than two days following the event. Failure to do so may result in denial of future postings.