Rules for Rush



The following rules have been set forth to govern all rush activities for the above mentioned fraternities.


  I.  Rush Period

        A.  Rush will be conducted for the period of one week (7 days) to be determined by all fraternity presidents of the Fall and/or Spring semesters of each year.  No fraternity will engage in any solicitation or recruiting events on campus during Rush week outside of their one Rush event. There will be no in-class solicitation unless all fraternities are represented.  Announcements should be made prior to class and with the professor’s approval. 

        B.  The decision concerning the dates for Rush will be agreed upon by all the fraternities with their presidents acting as mediators.  The dates of the Rush Period are subject to approval by the bodies of all the fraternities, their advisors and the Dean.

        C.  Notice of the Rush Period is to be submitted to the Office of Student Services (OSS) in writing, signed and dated by the presidents and advisors of all the fraternities prior to the Rush Period.  The OSS will furnish a list of eligible rushees prior to the Rush Period and subject to the Office having a current list of each fraternity's membership.

 II.  Eligibility

        A. To be eligible for Rush, the student must:

              1.   Be registered in the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy,

              2.   Have maintained a 2.0(C) professional grade point average or better,

              3.   Be in good academic standing with the College of Pharmacy (not on Academic Probation), and,

              4.   Be in good professional standing with the College of Pharmacy Professionalism Code

                    (no Academic Integrity, Code of Conduct or Professionalism violations)

              5.   Not be a member of another Pharmaceutical Fraternity

        B.  Only those students appearing on the list published by the OSS may be rushed.

III.   Rush Functions

        A.  Rush functions will occur on a rotating basis beginning with Rotation 1 in the Fall of 2010.  Refer to the attached Notice of Rush Period for specifics pertaining to the current academic year. Repeat rotations 1 through 3.

              Rotation 1                                    Kappa Epsilon - Friday

                                                                  Phi Delta Chi - Saturday

                                                                  Kappa Psi - Thursday or Sunday


              Rotation 2                                   Kappa Psi - Friday

                                                                 Kappa Epsilon - Saturday

                                                                 Phi Delta Chi - Thursday or Sunday


              Rotation 3                                   Phi Delta Chi - Friday

                                                                 Kappa Psi - Saturday

                                                                 Kappa Epsilon - Thursday or Sunday


        B.  Each fraternity has the option of sponsoring a Rush event on the day specified above and the date on the attached Notice of the Rush Period.

        C.  A fraternity wishing to schedule additional function(s) may do so if agreed upon by all fraternities at the time a decision is made establishing the Rush Period

        D.  No fraternity shall actively solicit for or promote its fraternity at the time of the other fraternity’s Rush event (no competing events).


 IV.  Bid Cards

        A.  On the Monday following the Rush Period, bid cards for all fraternities will be made available for eligible rushees to pledge a fraternity.  Eligible rushees can submit a bid to only one fraternity.

        B.  Bid cards may be signed by the rushee in the OSS from 8:00 a.m. Monday to 12:00 (noon) Friday following the Rush Period

        C.  Bid cards will consist of:

              1.   The name of the fraternity,

              2.   A space for the signature of the Dean of Students, the fraternity president, and the rushee  

D.  All fraternity presidents or their representatives may obtain the list of rushees for their respective fraternities after noon on Friday of bid week, once eligibility of rushees has been verified and bid cards are signed by the Dean of Students.

  V.  The College of Pharmacy Professionalism Code will be the minimum standard of conduct and performance during the Rush Period.

 VI.  Any fraternity found not to be in compliance with these Rules for Rush, will forfeit the right to hold Rush events, accept bid cards or induct new members during the subsequent fall semester.

        A.  Any complaints of violation must be brought, in writing, within two weeks after the closing of the bid period to the OSS.

        B.  Upon receiving the first written complaint, written notification will be sent to the fraternity president and faculty advisor(s).

        C.  A ruling committee consisting of each fraternity's advisor(s) and president, and the Dean of Students will decide whether or not a rule has been violated.

VII. Only individuals signing bid cards during the official Rush Period may be initiated into a fraternity.

VIII. Any exception to these rules must be agreed upon by all fraternity presidents, faculty advisors and the OSS.