Policy on Readmission and Integration of Withdrawn or Disqualified Students

  1. Process for Readmitting Withdrawn or Disqualified Students
    1. Students previously admitted to the College of Pharmacy (the “College”) who voluntarily withdrew or were disqualified from the College must apply to the College by submitting an Application for Readmission to the Office of Student Services, which will then forward the Application to the Readmission Committee. 
    2. Applications for Readmission must be submitted no less than 120 days before the start of the semester in which the student wants to resume the program.
    3. Re-applicants will be evaluated based on, among other things, their Application for Readmission and a written Statement to the Readmission Committee.  The written Statement must address (a) the reason the student withdrew or was disqualified from the College; (b) the steps the student took during the period of absence to prepare her/himself to return to the program; and (c) the student’s plan to successfully complete the program. 
    4. Re-applicants must submit a valid fingerprint clearance, current immunization record, and other required documentation as identified by the Readmission Committee prior to readmission.  
    5. Re-applicants are required to submit certified transcripts from an outside institution for any coursework completed during the period of absence from the program.  
    6. Readmission to the College is not guaranteed.  The decision of the Readmission Committee cannot be appealed.
  2. Eligibility for Readmission
    1. A student is only eligible for readmission if the date the student desires to resume the program is less than two years from the date the student withdrew or was disqualified.  If a student desires to return more than two years from the date the student withdrew or was disqualified, the student must apply to the College through the standard admissions process and restart the program, regardless of how many units were completed prior to withdrawal or disqualification.
    2. Students seeking readmission following disqualification will only be readmitted upon a showing of exceptional circumstances.  Previously disqualified students who are readmitted to the College and are disqualified a second time will not subsequently be readmitted. 
    3. A student who withdrew or was disqualified prior to successfully completing the first semester of the first year is not eligible for readmission.  Any such student must formally reapply to the College of Pharmacy through the standard admissions process.
    4. This policy does not apply to students who were formally granted a medical or non-medical leave of absence and who timely re-enrolled at the conclusion of the approved period of leave.
  3.  Reintegration
    1. If a withdrawn or previously disqualified student is readmitted to the College, the Readmission Committee will inform the Academic Progression Committee (the “APC”) and provide the APC with the student’s Application for Readmission.
    2. The APC will review the student’s Application for Readmission, including the student’s written statement, prior academic history with the College, and other coursework the student has taken since leaving the College to make a determination as to the appropriate course-level at which the student will resume his/her studies.
    3. Upon readmission, re-applicants must pay all required fees and complete or bring current all other requirements or tasks for program participation as identified by the APC.  Failure to do so will prevent or delay student progress.
    4. All grades earned prior to readmission will continue to be part of the student's academic record should the student come before the APC after readmission.
    5. Upon readmission and reintegration the student will be subject to the College’s current curriculum, graduation requirements, and Policy on Academic Standing.
    6. The decision of the APC regarding reintegration is final and cannot be appealed.


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