Minors on Campus Policy

The College understands the importance of family and encourages family participation at appropriate Pharmacy events.

In the scope of safety for children and to assure a good learning experience for all students, a policy governing environments suitable for minor children is necessary. Minor children are those under the age of 18. 


It is the policy that minor children not be allowed in classrooms, breakout rooms, study rooms or student lounges. Minor children are not permitted when the student is attending an academic event (classes, health fairs, etc).

On the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, children should follow the visitor sign-in procedures and are only allowed in the Café area. Reasonable exceptions will be allowed based on circumstances (e.g. going to one's locker to retrieve materials prior to leaving the building, etc.). Children must be under direct supervision by an adult. 

On the Tucson Campus, buildings are open to the public. Children are restricted from classrooms, study rooms, breakout rooms and student lounges. 

In the case of emergencies, please utilize the childcare resources through Life & Work Connections (SCP/EBCP)