Election of Class Representatives

Class representatives will be elected as follows

Officer Position
Election Time
Fourth President
Vice President
Spring Semester, 3rd Year
Third Class Representative Spring Semester, 2nd Year
Second Class Representative Spring Semester, 1st Year
First Class Representative First few weeks of the academic year

During the election process, the following will occur

  1. Nominations will be taken
  2. Each nominee will give a one-minute speech to his/her class.
    • You will receive a secondary application if you meet our minimum application requirements.
  3. Votes will be recorded in the Office of Student Services by secret ballot.
    • The winner must receive a majority of the votes 
    • If a runoff vote is needed because there is no clear majority, a second vote will be taken for the top two nominees.
      • It will be held immediately after the first vote. 
      • Winner will be announced at the end of the voting period.