Attending Class, Activities and Exams on an Alternate Campus

Students are admitted to either the Tucson or Phoenix campus with the expectation that they will attend classes, examinations, and course-related discussion sessions on their assigned campus. Classroom size, configuration of learning technologies and faculty expectations make a policy governing attendance at an alternate campus a necessity. Permanent transfers to the other campus will not be permitted unless approved by the Academic Progression Committee.


It is the policy for students to attend classes on the campus to which they are assigned.  Under exceptional circumstances, attendance at the alternate campus may be granted (e.g., need to attend an evening organization event at the other campus where travel may prevent the opportunity).  For each day attendance on an alternate campus is requested, permission must be sought and granted for each course on that day.  If granted for one course it should not be assumed that the permission applies to other courses.  Permission granted for one student should not be assumed to be permission for other students.  Each student must be granted individual permission.  As a general rule, exceptions will not be granted for small discussion sessions, group work, lab courses, or OSCE activities.  There may be specific cases where faculty request attendance at an alternate campus; these instances do not require written permission.

Process for seeking permission

To assure a good learning experience, students are expected to follow these procedures at least one week in advance for approval of attending class on the alternate campus:

  • Contact the course coordinator(s) of record for permission via email
  • The course coordinator(s) will reply via email to student request with a “cc” of recommendation to the Office of Student Services (OSS) for assigned campus.
  • The OSS will confirm or deny course coordinator's recommendation via email reply, based on resources available on alternate campus.
  • If permission is granted, the course coordinator(s) will contact course lecturer(s) of that day
  • The OSS of the assigned campus will inform the OSS on alternate campus of decision.
  • Submit a Student Travel Form to the Office of Student Services


Travel Form

Per University of Arizona policy, all students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy (COP) must complete a Student Travel Form for any out-of-town travel* that is not exclusively personal.  For any travel related to academics, professional development or training, college meetings, University of Arizona or college social events, etc. This requirement applies whether or not reimbursement by the college or other entities for travel-related expenses will be requested. The required Student Travel Form should be submitted to the Office of Student Services 1 week prior to travel.

Complete Student Travel Form

*If you attend the COP in Tucson, out-of-town means “beyond Tucson.” If you attend the COP in Phoenix, out-of-town means “beyond Phoenix.”