Building Access

Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC) faculty, staff and students who utilize the campus teaching/learning spaces, conference rooms, specialized labs, library spaces and any campus computer or AV equipment are expected to follow the guidelines listed below.

  • For your security, PBC badges should be available and visible at all times.
  • If you have authorized access to a room with a card reader, you must swipe your badge. This includes classrooms and labs that have two doors.
  • Doors are not to be propped open. If doors are not closed, a silent alarm will notify the security officers.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner so as to not inconvenience other groups using the campus.
  • If AV equipment is faulty or needs normal maintenance, please notify Classroom Support (602-827-4357).
  • Ensure the room is clean and ready for use by the next group. Groups not cleaning up or resetting rooms appropriately, will be assessed a fee of $50. If groups leave rooms in an improper and/or messy condition a second time, they will be assessed a punitive fee of $100 and future use may be suspended.
  • If repair or cleaning is necessary due to misuse of room or equipment, the requesting department(s) will be responsible for the expense of clean up and/or repairs
  • A room used without scheduling through the Astra system that requires custodial clean-up and/or resetting of room furniture will be assessed a punitive fee of $100.

Historic Buildings, ABC1 & Building 4

All faculty and staff must use their badge for access to these building. During business hours, Security Officers are located in COM1, ABC1 and Building 4. COM2 and COM3 do not have a security officer or receptionist. Faculty and staff should make appropriate arrangements (see Visitor section for details) to meet their visitors.

HSEB Security Coverage and Building Hours

All entry/exit into and from the building is through the main entry/lobby at the southwest corner. All other ground floor doors will be "Emergency Exit only", and are equipped with alarms. On-site security coverage is provided by Security Officers during building hours. In addition, a roving security officer is on the campus 24 hours a day.

Faculty and staff have 24-hour badge access to the building. The first floor group study /conference rooms, and A504 will remain locked at all times. Faculty and staff will require a key (available from Campus Management and Operations) in order to access these spaces for scheduled sessions.

Student access hours are listed below but may be adjusted during holidays or prior to exams. Any changes will be announced to all students:

  • Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to midnight
  • Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The spaces listed below are available to students during building hours:

  • Student lounges B101, A213, and all open area lounge and study spaces 
  • First-floor cafe seating area
  • Library (be sure to check closing times)
  • Student organization suites B501 and B601

When not otherwise scheduled for official use, the following group study rooms on the second floor will be available to students during building hours. The expectation is that their use will be self-managed fairly and efficiently by the students. If you are asked to leave the room due to a scheduled meeting/class/event, please transition to another room. If one or two students are occupying the space when a group of 4 or more arrives, the original users should politely transition the room to the larger group. If this proves problematic as a shared resource, we will revisit this and develop and institute use guidelines. The available rooms are:

  • B203, B204, B206, B207, B209, B211
    Reminder: No food allowed. Only beverages in closed containers are acceptable

To balance building use and ensure other users of the building have access to appropriate space, all other rooms are no longer available for unscheduled use.

Food Policy

As a campus dedicated to student learning, there are a variety of space types ranging from specialized teaching labs to student lounges. Our buildings function both as an education facility and student center. While designed for intensive use and with durable furniture and finishes, we request all users follow the food policy outlined below.

  • Student Lounges, Café and Canyon
    Allowed: All types of food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Classrooms, Learning Studios, Lecture Halls, Group Study Room
    No food allowed. Only beverages in closed containers are acceptable.
  • Specialized labs (GA Lab, Clinical Education Suite, Simulation Center) No food or beverages allowed in labs 
  • Library
    No food allowed. Only beverages in closed containers are acceptable.

Special Events

Faculty and Staff that request special events, should refer to the Special Events Policies and Procedures located here: Adherence to guidelines for events allows provisions to be made for security, custodial, AV support and other services. Student organizations hosting events or special sessions with or without food should schedule through their Student Affairs office to ensure the appropriate room, policies and procedures are followed and are properly scheduled with all necessary resources. Responsibility for arrangements concerning food delivery, room setup and room cleanup is with the hosting organization, whether a staff, faculty or student function, following the Special Events protocol. If damage occurs in a room and/or there is loss of equipment, the responsible group will be assessed a fee reflective of the cost for replacement or repair.

Visitor Policy

All guests must check in at the front security reception station. Visitors will be given badges to wear while in the building, allowing security officers to know who belongs in the building and when visitors leave. Staff, Faculty and Students must notify Trident Security when they are expecting visitors. An email is the preferred method of communication. All emails can be addressed to

Each student may designate his/her spouse or significant other to register and obtain a photo ID badge for unrestricted entry into HSEB. Contact Campus Management and Operations to learn more about badge requests and issuance.

When guests of students, children under 18 should follow the standard sign-in procedures and are only allowed in the Cafe area. Reasonable exceptions will be allowed based on circumstances (e.g. going to one's locker to retrieve materials prior to leaving the building, etc.). Children under 12 must be under direct supervision by an adult. Visitor behavior is the responsibility of the building user who accompanies the visitors. In regards to children visiting staff or faculty, Campus policy dictates that children must be supervised, not disruptive, and only in the faculty/staff member's office for a reasonable period of time.

Children of staff and faculty are only allowed in closed-in offices, not cubicles or common areas such as the library. Reasonable exceptions for all building users to the policy may be made as long as the exception is brief and necessary. 

Visit UA Policy on visitors