Poster Templates and Printing

The College of Pharmacy offers poster templates and printing for faculty and student research. Please take a moment to review these guidelines.

The College of Pharmacy has horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) templates in common sizes to create posters, as well as versions with our frequent partner Banner Health. These are available for faculty and students to use. Each template has three layouts to choose from: three-column, four-column, and an open layout. By consistently using these templates and following the formatting, we are creating a strong brand presence at conferences and events. If you have issues with the poster templates, please contact JEFF JAVIER for assistance.

Note about Template Dimensions

PowerPoint has a maximum allowed slide size (56" × 56"), which is smaller than some of the dimensions noted below in the CoP templates. As a result, posters are scaled up to the proper dimensions when they are printed (NOTE: one side of your poster cannot be greater than 42" due to printer restrictions). Your poster will be printed to the template dimension you selected. You do not need to modify the slide's formatting. IMPORTANT: if David Bishop is printing a poster for you, you must let him know the expected final dimensions of your poster.

PharmD QI Research Posters: Important Note

UA Tucson board dimensions are 8' × 4' tall. Any of the horizontal poster templates can be used.
UA Phoenix board dimensions are 5' × 92" tall. Only the first two horizontal templates can be used*

Standard Poster Templates


42x56 Template*
42x60 Template*
42x72 Template

Horizontal–Banner Health

42x56 Template - Banner*
42x60 Template - Banner*
42x72 Template - Banner


For International Conferences only

56x42 Template
60x42 Template
72x42 Template

For ISPOR Conference only

36x72 Template

Vertical–Banner Health

56x42 Template – Banner
60x42 Template - Banner
72x42 Template - Banner

Morrison Poster Templates


42x56 Template*
42x60 Template*
42x72 Template


42x56 Template*
42x60 Template*
42x72 template

The purpose of the poster templates is to provide consistency in the way information appears. Do not change the font or alter the layout. Colors must be brand compliant. Images should be checked for copyright.

  • Three layout options are visible in the normal layout view. Select the one that works best based on your information. Delete the remaining slides.
  • Text boxes and headers can be added or deleted; you do not have to follow the exact format; these are placeholders to start with.
Fonts, font colors, and typography
  • Please do not change the font. The set font for each template is Verdana, which is a UA-approved font.
  • Font sizes should not be smaller than 14 point. Each poster has preset font sizes; however, you can adjust based on the amount of content.
  • Use sentence case for the main title, author(s), affiliation. Text color should remain white as it appears on the UA blue bar.
  • Poster headers should be in UA red and printed in all caps.
  • Body text should be sentence case and printed in UA dark gray.
Tables, Graphs, and SmartArt
  • To add a Chart:
    • Click on the Chart or icon in the content box you want to add it to and make your selection.
    • Once you make your selection, Excel will open within PowerPoint and you can enter your data. If you have the data in another Excel file, please copy/paste it into the new Excel file.
  • To add a Table:
    • You can copy/paste an existing table or create a new one within the template by clicking the table icon and selecting the number of columns and rows.

You can also create your chart/graph in Excel first and copy it directly into the poster. Please ensure that the font is at least 14 point for readability. Please use UA colors if possible. For more information, visit UA Brand

  • You must print your poster ten days before your presentation, in case of technical issues.
  • To use the poster printer, you must sign up two days in advance. If you print without signing up, you may lose your printing privileges.
  • Reservations can be made in the CoP Room Scheduling system, under “Pharmacy non-building resources.”
  • You will need to sign up for 30 minutes for each poster you wish to print.

  • The poster printer is located in Drachman B208.
  • Only CoP faculty, CoP employees, CoP students, and people from outside the College whose work is supported by College grants may print here.  No other affiliations qualify. 
  • The printer may only be used to print CoP-related materials.
  • All posters printed by the College must have the CoP logo on them—no exceptions.
  • When you are ready to print, email a copy to me in both PDF and PowerPoint formats. I will be happy to print your poster for you. You are welcome to print it yourself, but I must see it beforehand to verify that it conforms to guidelines.
  • You must know your desired dimensions ahead of time. You are not required to use a template. If you do not, please remember that one side of your poster cannot exceed 42".
  • When you arrive, sign in on the sheet next to the computer.
  • You may only print your poster one time on the College poster printer. The only exception is in case of printer malfunction. Be sure to triple-check all of your content before you print!
  • Be sure to arrive at your specified time. If you are late, you may not be able to print.

For More Information

Buildings Manager
Skaggs Building, room 106