Portfolio Instructions for Faculty

This section lays out the steps that your mentees will take to complete their portfolios, and the steps you should take to review and grade your portfolios.

Student portfolios are due on 11:59 pm on January 15th, 2021. This year, portfolios will be submitted via D2L instead of email.

We made a few changes to the portfolio process, and we encourage you to sign up for one of the two training sessions using the following link: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8035K5LHT8sQghT

Most of the portfolio components will be the same as last year and they include:

  1. Expected Outcomes survey
  2. Reflection questions at the end of the Expected Outcomes Survey
  3. Pharmacy Career Pathways Student Interest Form
  4. Update CV

2020-2021 Portfolio Changes:

  • Pharmacy Portfolio D2L Submission – Under “Class List,” each Mentor will be able to see their assigned mentees; please check to make sure you have the correct list of students
  • Students will need to attest that they met with their mentor to discuss the portfolio - (Students will complete a survey the week of March 22nd to 26th). Please make sure you schedule a meeting with your mentee before March 22nd.
  • Grades are due by 3:00 pm March 29th 
  • The portfolio grading has been simplified to excellent, pass, fail/redo– See the Portfolio Rubric     
  • The FESPCO Form has been updated and will be submitted online via the following link: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4MYdgK3hK6LUKZ7

Additional Portfolio Information for students:


About the Portfolio Mentorship Process

  1. As a mentor, you will receive notification of who your mentees are in the fall and a reminder in the spring. Portfolios will be submitted via D2L starting the 2020-2021 academic year. You should receive a submission from each of your mentees by mid-January with a copy of their CV, their expected outcomes survey, their reflection responses and supporting documents.
  2. Once you receive this submission, please review each mentee’s materials. An updated grading rubric is being reviewed by the assessment committee and will be shared as soon as possible.
    Grading tips:
    • It is okay if your students don’t follow the CV template exactly as long as they include the sections you see as important.
    • All students should be provided with a grade for their portfolios, however, P1 grades are not reported in any classes. 
    • Grades are due by 3:00 pm March 29th 
    • The portfolio grading has been simplified to excellent, pass, fail/redo– See the Portfolio Rubric    
  3. Schedule follow up meetings with each of your mentees.
    Scheduling Tips:
    • Meetings general take between 30-60 minutes
    • Some faculty create a google doc with the times and dates they are available and send that to their mentees to have them sign up, some send mentees a screenshot of their calendar. Doodle schedulers can also be used.
    • Meetings can take place in person, over zoom or over the phone. While P4 students are often traveling for their rotations, we still recommend that you try to meet with them if at all possible. P1-P3 students must meet with you.
    This guide provides prompts to help facilitate discussion. We do not expect you to cover all of these topics with all of your mentees.
  5. Use the FESPCO form to reflect on student reported examples of stress, effective and ineffective learning. *An updated the FESPCO form is being reviewed by the assessment committee and will be shared as soon as possible.
    This information is incredibly valuable and is reported to the dean of academic affairs, curriculum, and assessment committee. Historically, it was from these conversations and information on the FESPCO that key changes have been made to the program.
  6. Submit your portfolio grades and FESPCO form via D2L.
  7. Submit your feedback on the portfolio rubric, reflection questions, and other pieces of the portfolio process to help the Assessment Committee with future revisions. You may complete the survey as many times as you would like and comment on only those questions you would like to comment on.

Contacts for Additional Help

(Liz) Maria Coronado, CPhT
Program Coordinator

Cindy Leong, MEd, BS
Instructional Designer
202, B306D

Loretta Peters, MBA
Coordinator, Experiential Education Program