Portfolio Instructions

Portfolio 2022-23 Process

Portfolio Instructions

The Portfolio 2022-2023 Assignment will open on December 5th and end at 11:59 pm on January 13th. The Portfolios will be submitted via D2L. We highly recommend keeping a folder on your computer or drive of each year’s portfolio documents. Additionally, when interviewing for jobs or residencies, consider bringing copies of some of your portfolio materials in a binder (e.g., your CV, pdfs of your poster presentations, publications, and other presentations).
If your portfolio is not received by the deadline, it is considered late, and you will lose points!

Quick Links

Sample Co-Curricular Activities

The portfolio items you need to complete are much the same as last year. They include:

1. Expected Outcomes survey
2. Reflection questions at the end of the Expected Outcomes Survey (New Co-Curricular participation and tracking; see D2L for details) 
3. Pharmacy Career Pathways Student Interest Form
4. Updated CV

How you can prepare to submit your portfolio via D2L

  1. Complete the open-ended reflections of the EXPECTED OUTCOMES STUDENT SURVEY (part 6)
    • Reflection responses are expected to be thoughtful and between 250-500 words.
    • Save your reflection as an easily accessed file.
  2. Open and Complete the Expected Outcomes Student Survey 2022/2023 in CORE Elms
    • On the red left-hand menu, select Surveys/Forms
  3. Copy and paste your reflections and complete the remainder of the survey
  4. Revise your curriculum vitae
    CV TEMPLATE (Please Note: This CV Template has been provided as a sample for your reference and is not intended to represent the only approach to creating a CV)
  5. Save all documents with a consistent format (lastname_year_title)
  6. Complete the PHARMACY CAREER PATHWAYS STUDENT INTEREST Form per the provided instructions. Save a PDF copy of your results for submission.

After submission, you will need to:

  1. Schedule a meeting in the spring to review with your Mentor.
  2. Complete the “2022-23 Meet with Mentor Survey” by March 25 (mark this assignment on your calendar).

See the Portfolio Rubric (in D2L). Grading is:

  • Excellent
  • Pass
  • Fail/redo

For more information

Join one of the following open Zoom meetings to ask any questions about the portfolio process

  • Wednesday, December 7th  from 12:00-12:30 - Zoom  12/7 
  • Tuesday, January 10th  from 12:00-12:30 -  Zoom 1/10
  • Thursday, January 12th from 12:00-12:30 - Zoom 1/12


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