Graduate Student Spotlight: Marissa Trujillo

Name: Marissa Trujillo

BS Degree, Masters Degree, Other Degrees: BS, Biochemistry, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Track: Drug Discovery and development

PI: James J. Galligan, PhD

Expected graduation year: 2024


Q: What inspired you to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Arizona?

A: When I first visited the U of A the thing that stood out to me was the other graduate students; they seemed genuinely happy to be where they were. I also really enjoyed the collaborative environment of both the students and the faculty in the program.

Q: Have you experienced any challenges in school? How did you overcome them?

A: I came straight from undergrad so I like to think that helped me with the transition into graduate school. Even so, the learning curve was very real. The older graduate students were a huge help with all of their advice. 

Q: What is your research focused on?

A: The Galligan lab studies post-translational modifications and how they alter cellular metabolism. We are interested in the mechanism of the cellular processes that may be mediated by these PTMs. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about the graduate program?

A: The collaborative nature. I am very lucky to be in a lab where the PI loves collaboration not only among the other graduate students, but with other universities as well. 

Q: What are your goals after graduation?

A: I hope to go into the pharmaceutical industry, although I am not set on the specifics yet.