Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Highlights: July 2021

(July 1, 2021)


An alternative domain-swapped structure of the Pyrococcus horikoshii PolII mini-intein. Scientific Reports (2021) Jun 3;11(1):11680 PMID: 34083592

Spray-Dried Inhalable Powder Formulations of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides. AAPS PharmSciTech (2021) 22: Article 185.


"Innovation in Therapeutic Inhalation Aerosols" - UA-Gulf Medical University 2nd Symposium. Yin Chen, PhD (Chair) and Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh (Co-Chair)


Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh 

Andreia Zago Chignalia, PharmD, Phd was awarded the Career Development Award (American Heart Association). This is a 3-year mentored grant, with a start date 0f 07/01/2021.