College of Pharmacy Alum Metta Lou Henderson, BS ’61, MS ’66, PhD ’78, Recipient of the 2021 AIHP Robert P. Fischelis Award

The College of Pharmacy is pleased to recognize esteemed alum Metta Lou Henderson, BS ’61, MS ’66, PhD ’78, for her reception of the 2021 AIHP Robert P. Fischelis Award. Established by the American Institute of History of Pharmacy (AIHP), the Robert P. Fischelis Award recognizes individuals who have made important contributions to the field of the history of pharmacy or to the well-being of the Institute.

Dr. Henderson is a pioneer in the study of pharmacy history, with an emphasis on the way women have shaped the industry. She has written several articles for the journal Pharmacy in History and published the widely acclaimed book, American Women Pharmacists: Contributions to the Profession in 2002. In 2009, Dr. Henderson donated a selection of her extensive archives to the AIHP helping to establish the “Metta Lou Henderson Women in Pharmacy Collection”. The Collection is home to a “treasure trove” of research materials, including biographical material, statistical and census data, information about women in pharmacy organizations, and chronological records of women in pharmacy. Thanks to her groundbreaking research and analysis, the many contributions of women to pharmacy practice are far better understood and documented.

“Metta Lou Henderson is one of the preeminent scholars in the field of pharmacy history and her efforts have expanded our understanding of the role of women in the history of the profession,” explained Stephen Hall, curator of the History of Pharmacy Museum at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. “I can think of no one more deserving of this award.”

When asked how she felt about receiving the award, Dr. Henderson responded, “Receiving this award was a big surprise. I have always enjoyed researching and then telling the stories of women pharmacists and other pharmacy history incidents.”

The award will be presented to Dr. Henderson by the AIHP at a later date.

Congratulations, Dr. Henderson!