Samuel Yalkowsky, PhD awarded AAPS Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientists Awards

The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce that Samuel Yalkowsky, PhD has been awarded the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientists Award. This high-profile award recognizes the awardee's lifetime achievements on advancing pharmaceutical sciences and providing a lasting impact in the field of pharmaceutics. 

Dr. Yalkowsky received this award for his contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences, including his contributions to new drug product development, his work with the National Cancer Institute in developing formulations for poorly soluble and poorly stable drugs, and his role as an educator. In addition, Dr. Yalkowsky is credited with developing the general solubility equation (GSE), which is the most direct means for a molecular designer to determine what property is responsible for the poor solubility of a drug, and where effort should be placed to modify its structure to improve its physical properties to make it more developable. 

Dr. Samuel Yalkowsky was awarded this honor at 2019 AAPS Pharmsci 360 opening plenary in November.

Congratulations to Dr. Yalkowsky for his continued excellence!