PharmD Students Connect with Kids at Phoenix Connect2STEM

Connect2STEM inspires the next generation of health professionals and scientists.
"Connect2STEM is a great opportunity to promote awareness and inspire kids about science. It was a fun event and we had a good time!"

(January 27, 2019) Ever wanted the chance to play with surgical robots, walk through a life-sized colon and dissect a cow heart all in one day? 

The University of Arizona College of Medicine in downtown Phoenix hosted its fifth annual Connect2Stem event as part of the 2019 Arizona SciTech Festival, and the UA College of Pharmacy had 45 students helping inspire the next generation of pharmacists, doctors, nurses and scientists. This event hosted a large crowd, with nearly 10,000 people registered to attend.  

Under the supervision of Dr. Caitlyn Cameron, the College of Pharmacy connected with children and their families to showcase the pharmacy profession. Activities were broad (and fun!) and included:

Lung Activity: Now take a deep breath. Participants learned about the anatomy of the respiratory system and created lungs using straws and fold-top sandwich bags.

Colorful Catalyst Activity: What are catalysts and what do they do in our body? PharmD students made an experiment using hydrogen peroxide, yeast, food coloring and liquid soap. Combining these ingredients resulted in creating a big colorful foam and lots of tiny bubbles.

Hand Sanitizer Activity: Pharmacy compounding labs 101! Kids learned about compounding and how to make their own colorful hand sanitizer.

Heart Health/Stethoscope Activity: Hear real-time the importance of a healthy, active heart. Using a stethoscope, kids could listen to their heart before and after performing a physical activity.

Poison Control Educational Booth: Drugs, hazardous substances, insects and animals, oh my! Kids learned about things that can potentially be poisonous and who to call in case of an emergency (Arizona Drug and Poison Information Center, housed in the College of Pharmacy and Banner Health).

Sunscreen Activity: Wear your sunscreen! Using color-changing beads and sunscreens with different SPF, kids watched a demonstration that exhibited SPF's ability to protect our skin from damaging UVA/UVB.

View photos from the fun event

A special thanks to Princess Leopardi and Ivette Clark, our PharmD students who took photos and shared their experiences!