PharmD Student Excels in Mayo Clinic Summer Internship

Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn, PharmD Class of 2021, experienced high-quality clinical experiences to help her learn, observe and understand the meaning of being a well-rounded, fully competent pharmacist.
"Every moment of the time I have spent at Mayo Clinic for the past 10 weeks has been an experience to remember."

(July 22, 2019)

Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn, PharmD Class of 2021, spent her summer as an intern at the Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Marys Campus Emergency Department, in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Can you provide an overview of the Mayo Clinic Summer Pharmacy Internship Program?

The Pharmacy Internship Program offers both hospital/inpatient (up to eight candidates selected on a competitive basis) and clinic/outpatient (up to five candidates selected on a competitive basis) internship opportunities to first- or second-year Doctor of Pharmacy students. The outpatient pharmacy experience includes patient counseling, providing drug information, and dispensing. The hospital experience includes preparing medications and completing medication histories. Both programs include mini-rotations to acquaint students with clinical pharmacy practices.

What you have been doing during this internship? What does a typical day look like?

As an inpatient pharmacy intern, I spent the first five weeks working in the Saint Marys Campus Emergency Department (ED), and the last five weeks working in the Saint Marys Campus Central Pharmacy. My mini rotations were scheduled throughout the totality of my time there. A typical day encompassed high-quality clinical experiences to help us, as interns, observe and understand the meaning of being a well-rounded, fully competent pharmacist. These experiences included:

  • Conducting medication histories for acute care, behavioral health, ED observation, and pediatric patients
  • Developing knowledge of common drug-drug interactions and adverse drug events
  • Reconciling active medication lists and writing clinical hand-off notes
  • Identifying medication use policies and procedures for antibiotics, anticoagulation, and more
  • Utilizing clinical practice guidelines and research to inform specific disease-state treatment initiation and management
  • Understanding the drug information recommended by pharmacists to the interdisciplinary teams for diverse patient populations
  • Contributing to an interdisciplinary health care team
  • Helping provide seamless transitions from the Emergency Department to the inpatient wards
  • Optimizing drug therapy outcomes by communicating information to health care professionals, residents, students, patients and their caregivers
  • Filling and delivering STAT and maintenance medications to the appropriate patient rooms or floor pyxis respectively
  • Practicing self-reflection and using our conclusions to further develop our character and actions

Why did you pursue this internship?

My pursuit of the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Internship Program stemmed from meeting the Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY1) Pharmacy Practice Residency Program Director at the 2017 ACCP Annual Meeting Professional Placement Forum. He shared several unique strengths that distinguish this program as an exceptional learning and practice environment. I was confident Mayo Clinic would provide a variety of clinical, educational and research experiences that would assist me in accomplishing my short and long-term goals.

What has been a valuable part of the experience?

Every moment I have spent at Mayo Clinic for the past 10 weeks has been an experience to remember. However, the most valuable part of my experience has been the opportunity to observe the culture. The culture and everything the people of Mayo Clinic do is truly an extension of their model of care, which is “the needs of the patient come first." I consistently witnessed this throughout my various interactions with the pharmacy technicians, nurses, residents, pharmacists, physicians, and other health care professionals. In order to best meet the needs of all patients, they are passionate about fostering an environment that is conducive for their people to thrive in. I cannot begin to express the amount of professional and personal growth I have experienced from being here. Nonetheless, I can say that I am confident I am a better person, even more passionate about the dynamic field of pharmacy, and that I will be a better pharmacist for the honor and the privilege to have been an intern pharmacist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Who should consider applying in the future?

The Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Internship Program provides in-depth exposure to potential career paths, journal clubs, presentations, and so much more. The preceptors are genuinely committed to the success of each individual intern, both during their time interning at Mayo Clinic and as they discover their passions in pharmacy. The program is created to meet a wide range of interests, whether it be hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, administrative, research, etc., and it truly does. If a pharmacy student has even the slightest thought of applying to this program, I highly encourage them to do so.