PharmCat Highlight: Paige Pasceri, PharmD Class of 2021

Paige Pasceri, PharmD Class of 2021, is a pharmacist intern at Honor Health in Scottsdale, AZ. Recently, she was able to apply the BEERS criteria, guidelines to help improve the safety of prescribing medications for older adults, to a patient. 

(August 19, 2019)

Tell us about your work as a pharmacist intern. 

I work as a pharmacist intern where I perform technician duties as well as pharmacist tasks. On a daily basis, I usually complete technician work and help out where I can, but I also get the opportunity to practice skills that I learn in school. I get the opportunity to take the first crack at verifying certain medications in the pharmacy under my intern license. Since I am a student, most of the pharmacists will encourage my learning by quizzing me on different topics throughout the day. On the job training is one of the best practices to enhance a student’s learning and I am so glad that I get the privilege to do so. 

How has the College helped you succeed in your role?

During my time as an intern, I occasionally sit with pharmacists and talk about patient cases. It is very beneficial to use my skills from the classroom in real-life experiences. We had a patient case of an elderly patient getting started on a medication from the BEERs criteria list. The patient did not take the medication at home and has not taken it before. The pharmacist first asked me if I have heard of the BEERS criteria list before. As students, we learn a lot of different mnemonics and lists in school that should help us, but seeing the BEERS criteria list get used in real practice was enlightening. We then discussed safer options that the doctor could consider for this patient. In summary, the medication ended up getting switched to a safer option. I extremely value the time and experience I am obtaining during school. It is situations like this one that give me the validation that UA is well preparing me to be a knowledgeable pharmacist. 

Why are you pursuing a career in pharmacy, and what are your future goals?

I am pursuing a career in pharmacy because I want to provide patient-centered care and educate patients on their medications. I want to share my knowledge with my patients and allow them to be more involved in their care. My goal after graduation is to pursue a PGY1 residency and advance to a clinical pharmacist role.